Hi! My name is Knox – but everyone in my family calls me Knox’i, I don’t know if I like it or not yet. I am 3-years old and my birth pretty much scared the crap out of my parents. I was born 5 weeks premature in December 2014 and had to spend over a week in the NICU – my mom didn’t like that very much, but I am so big and strong now! If I came on my due date, I would be sharing a birthday with my sister, and I’m not very good at sharing – so everything happens for a reason.


I am a proper stereotypical boy – I like motorbikes, cars, tractors, loud noises, sticks, mud, bugs and dinosaurs. I also like wearing tutu’s and my favorite movie is Frozen, so what? My mom and daddy believe in letting us be who we want to be, and to never let anyone make us feel bad about it. I have my mommy wrapped around my little finger, dad is a little more work. I’m also busy potty training, it’s fun watching the big humans squirm.


My mom saiz that I’m the messiest and dirtiest boy she knows, but I love taking baths! I just like playing in the mud as well.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my mommy’s blog!