Hi! My name is Maz. I am a working mom from Cape Town, South Africa who apparently enjoys blogging more than sleep. What is sleep anyway? I have two adorable and extremely exhausting kids, my perfect pigeon pair. Mikayla, my daughter, is 7-years old and Knox, my son, is 3-years old.


My husband’s name is Cole, and he is pretty much the only human being on the planet that I can tolerate for more than 6-hours at a time. The four of us decided to pack up our things and trade our white picket-fenced suburban city life for the open countryside almost a year ago – and it was the best decision we had ever made. We also provide a loving home for our two rescue dogs (Bam & Kylo Ren), and our six rescue cats (Rhino, Green Pepper, Evie, Sparkles a.k.a Fluff and Sprinkles a.k.a Non-Fluff), 5 goats (Vegetables, Hungry, Mama Goat, Baby Goat, Daddy Goat, 1 chicken (chica chica buck buck), 2 ducks (Qweck and Quack), 3 wild bunnies and 1 pot belly pig (Snorkels). We really, really love animals.




During the day I work full time as a senior Fashion Designer for a South African clothing manufacturer that supplies some of the top retailers nationally and internationally. It is extremely hard and challenging work – but I love it and it has been a passion/dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I have so much I still want to accomplish when it comes to my career, but for now I am focusing on working towards a more sustainable industry with fair trade practices and a clean conscience.


Some Random Facts About Me:


I never wear anything that shows my legs – ever. I basically live in black tights and black skinny jeans or maxi dresses. My favorite colour is black. I love animals more than I love people. I have a fear of balloons – I absolutely cannot stand it when they pop. I will definitely, without a doubt in my mind survive a zombie apocalypse. When I need a confidence boost I wear bright lipstick. I have an irrational fear of wasting an amazing outfit on a insignificant day. I suffer from insomnia, depression and anxiety – but I’ve got this. I don’t trust people who smile too much – no-one is that happy. I like being alone. I am a closet helicopter mom. You can bribe me into anything with a bottle of champagne, some lemons and Sweetie Pies. I have a crap load of tattoos on my legs, arms, hand, fingers and neck. I never read the manual, ever – that’s what husbands are for.


What To Expect From Caffeine and Fairydust


This is mostly a personal blog filled with the highest highs and lowest lows that comes with being a parent. Basically a documentation of my perfectly imperfect life as a modern, working mom. Besides personal stories, our adventures and a few rants, I also like to chat about some of our favorite products and I absolutely love hosting giveaways. I really want my blog to be an interactive platform where I can connect with my readers, and I absolutely love posting photo’s to Instagram. My twitter is a great way to have conversations with readers so please follow me there if you haven’t already and start chatting!



I love doing sponsored campaigns for brands I believe in. Brainstorming campaign ideas is something I recently discovered quite a passion for. I am very selective on the companies and brands I choose to work with, but get in touch if you think you are a good fit. You can also visit this page for more info.