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Groupon Wants To Help You With Your New Years Resolutions!


It is 22 January 2016… We just passed that time of year when we feel as if we need to start a clean slate, an amazing new story in a 365 page book. The time when we misguidedly imagine that the arrival of a new year will magically provide the determination, motivation and persistence we need to reinvent ourselves – you know, all that New Year New Me crap. We have not even completely made it through January yet and already I feel the self-imposed pressure of sticking to my New Year’s resolutions. I’ll be honest: Sometimes, I just don’t feel like following through with these new goals. Stepping out of my comfort zone is, well, uncomfortable. Plus I am lazy. It’s much easier for me to adhere to old habits and ways of doing things than to work hard at something new. Change is always difficult. Groupon wants to make it a little easier for you – whether it’s to hit the gym regularly, eat healthily, be more adventurous or to getaway – just have a look at the awesome deals below and have a little weight lifted off your shoulders!


  • Muay Thai Training Sessions from R59 at Monkon Muay Thai & MMA (Up to 84% Off) (Cape Town)

Get out of your comfort zone with a new activity and technique. Muay Thai Training Sessions at Monkon Muay Thai & MMA in Cape Town, offer three, sessions for one person to the value of R225

Read more about the incredible deal here: https://www.groupon.co.za/deals/monkon-muay-thai-mma-3

Groupon Wants To Help You With Your New Years Resolutions!


  • Breedekloof Wine Valley: Two or Three-Night Weekday Stay for Up to Four at ATKV Goudini Spa from R990

Revitalise and re-energise at ATKV Goudini Spa situated in the scenic Breedekloof Wine Valley, and only an hour from Cape Town. Travellers go inland for a comfortable rondavel stay surrounded by mineral springs and mountain views with a two night weekday stay for up to four people sharing at ATKV Goudini Spa

Read more about the deal here: https://www.groupon.co.za/deals/ga-atkv-goudini-spa-6

Groupon Wants To Help You With Your New Years Resolutions!



• 1 Month Gym Membership for R99 at The Body Future (84% off!) (Cape Town)

Body Future in Cape Town features full weight training and cardio facilities for fitness fiends to enjoy. There are daily group classes such as Dance Fit, Boxfit, bootcamp and body conditioning.

Read more about the deal here: https://www.groupon.co.za/deals/body-future-2

Groupon Wants To Help You With Your New Years Resolutions!

• Online personalized eating plan for weight-loss, health and energy for only R150

Get slim with a Personalized Eating Plan for Weight Loss, Health and Wellness, Energy and Vitality. Developed around the key principle of nourishing your body every three to four hours with balanced, healthy, energy-enhancing nutritious meals and snacks, the Eating Plan uses your BMI to create a personalised eating plan to help you lose or maintain weight. With over 300 recipes and eating plans for one-year, the eating plan helps you to change your eating habits – and keep the weight off for good.

Read more about the deal here: https://www.groupon.co.za/deals/eating-plans-co-za-3

Groupon Wants To Help You With Your New Years Resolutions!

• Online language course for R189 with visual coaching academy from R189

Do something new and learn a foreign language with the help of Vizual Coaching Academy. Converse with locals on your next travel adventure with your newly acquired vocabulary.

Read more about the deal here: https://www.groupon.co.za/deals/vizual-coaching-academy-203

Groupon Wants To Help You With Your New Years Resolutions!


There is so much more… but I need to stop now, the temptation to spend all my money is just too big!



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