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Introducing Aranda Weave… And A Quick Little “What’s In My Bag”

Different cultures woven into one… that is truly what the Aranda weave products are. Aranda’s founding family, the Magni’s, established the family’s first textile manufacturing plant in the heart of Tuscany and the beautiful city of Prato five generations ago. “During World War II, before Germany pulled out of Italy they employed the scorched earth policy. This entailed placing bombs under the machinery in the factory; and before the family’s eyes, their livelihood, their future and all their hard work was blown to pieces. South African troops, under the command of Colonel Arthur Aiken, occupied the remnants of the plant. Aiken, who was also the chairman of Barclays Bank South Africa, persuaded the Magni family to move to South Africa after the war to rebuild their future ” –

Their history is rich and their story gripping, but I would never be able to re-tell it as nicely as they did on their own about page! Seriously, go read it – it is riveting stuff.  Aranda is today, the only genuine fully vertical, manufacturer of blankets and throws in South Africa. This means all products are created from raw fibre to finished goods ready to be merchandised. Raw materials are sourced both locally and internationally. These are then spun into yarns, which are dyed, woven and finished in a variety of quality blankets and throws. Their handbag range is made from their woven blankets before they are finished off… and they are beautiful.

They sent me a gorgeous handbag for Mother’s Day, and I really want to show it to you. I have received so many compliments on it, it is different and unlike anything I have been able to find in a store. The quality is superb, the designs are practical and the fabric gives a lovely warm feel which is perfect for Winter.

At only R299, they are completely affordable and the fact that they are 100% locally manufactured stole my heart from the get go. The only negative thing is that my white cat loves to sleep on it, so it is always covered in hair – but that is my life.

Nikki tagged me in an Instagram post asking me what’s in my bag, so I thought I’d show you – along with the gorgeous range of bags currently available on their online store.

So… what is in my handbag every day?


1. I never leave home without my diary/planner and a pen. I am always coming up with new ideas, or getting calls from clients and plans from friends – and I cannot relax until it has been slotted into my diary so that I don’t forget.

2. I also always have a book on hand, which I have not had any time to read. Currently I am trying to get stuck into The Book Of Joy – but I am not really getting anywhere. It is nice to have something with me for if I happen to show up early to fetch the kids from school or if a client is running late.

3. I always have body lotion or hand cream with me – I hate dry skin and if it has been a long day, slapping on some body lotion/butter/hand cream makes me feel instantly refreshed. The Body Shop collection will always be a favourite – and anything with a rose scent and which does not smell like a granny will always have my vote.

4. I always carry my wallet around, obviously. and have had this Forever New one for almost 4-years already. Fun fact, it is actually supposed to be a smart phone cover.

5. There is always a misplaced sock, pair of Knox’s undies or toys in my bag from the kids – luckily we have gotten past the half eaten and soggy cheesecurl stage.

6. Hair ties – I NEVER leave my house without at least two hair ties in my bag. I can’t concentrate properly of my hair is loose, I just can’t work like that. I know it’s weird.

7. Perfume of the day – I always keep a bottle of whichever perfume I am wearing on the day with me – you just never know, and I have a thing against not smelling amazing all the time.

8. Wetwipes! Because I’m a mom.

The Aranda weave bag comes with a little cosmetics bag as well – and I was so happy to receive it as mine is about 10-years old and was looking so manky.

Aranda Weave - Caffeine and Fairydust

I always carry a lip balm, a lip gloss, my favourite lip colours, a BB cream, a spare mascara, some cream blush, a cream highlighter and eyeliner with me. I can do a full face of make-up with these products if I am in a pinch!

Aranda Weave - Caffeine and Fairydust

So, the final verdict on these lovely handbags:


  • They are locally manufactured and made – completely
  • They are machine washable
  • They are easy to clean
  • They are spacious without being too bulky
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Unique
  • Come in an amazing variety of colours and patterns
  • They are super affordable
  • They come with a cosmetics bag


  • They pick up cat hair like a magnet
  • I can’t think of anything else

What are your must-have items that you keep in your handbag? 

The range of bags currently available on their online shop or you can visit their Facebook page for more info.

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    Beautiful bag ..

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      Thank you! I love it so much

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