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New Competition! WIN A Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 2 Hamper!

Remember my post on how ridiculous birthday parties have become? Well, I kind of feel that way about Easter as well. Every year we buy enough Easter eggs to last a year – we go completely overboard and then get upset because the kids ate too much chocolate and their tummies hurt.

This year we did things a little differently… We got a few of their favorite Easter treats and added a few of the new Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 2 eggs as “rewards” – Mikayla’s 1st term results were absolutely stellar! And our little Knox is just thriving in his new school… we had a lot to celebrate in our home over this Easter period, but we will get to that in a different blog post.

I don’t know why we did not think of it before, they are such a great alternative to sugary treats and can be used for party packs at birthday parties, or as a reward system for chores!

The new Hatchimals CollEGGtibles have launched at all major retailers – Hamleys, Toy Kingdom, Toyzone, Toys R Us, Takealot, Toy Adventures and Liliputs stores all have stock.  There are over 100 creatures to collect in Season 2 and there is a RARE and elusive GOLDEN hatchimal to be found… good luck! The new Hatchimals retails between R79.99 and R899.99 depending.

I have a hamper up for grabs valued at R500.00 – all you have to do to stand a chance to win some of the new Hatchimals CollEGGtibles is follow the easy Rafflecopter steps below:

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Maz Halliday

Maz is self-employed mom to two of the most gorgeous, yet tiring kids you will ever lay eyes upon. She maintains her sanity by blogging at Caffeine and Fairydust and rocking from side-to-side in her bath tub at night (with a glass of bubbly - no one ever said you can't be fabulous while having a nervous breakdown). She aims to broaden people's perspectives - and in the process will either make you laugh or p%#@ you off. Don't be shy... come say hi!




  • Riaz

    my son is not allowed candy or sugar items, I might seems to hard on him now but I would not like to see 2 year old with rotten teeth

  • tania brewis

    I would rather give my two daughters small toys than chocolates or sweets. They did get chocolates over Easter but they were limited to 4 each. Small toys is definitely a great substitute…kids love toys!

  • Bev Oelofse

    Would love this for my grandchildren

  • Carolyn Augustus

    Lucky for me ma kids aren’t big chocolate eaters or even sweets for that matter so I do think small toys are an awesome substitute.

  • Yolande Marx

    My daughter has never been n big chocolate fan, so we never go overboard with sugary treats. One big bunny and a few little chocolate is about it, she loves the hunt more than the eating, I love your idea and think she would’ve freaked had she found some hatchimals, definitely gonna do it in future

  • melissa cook

    Excellent idea! Yes! and toys will last ! slightly longer than the fleeting sugar rush!

  • Janel Sunderlall

    Yes i try my best to limit their sugar intake. Toys last longer so that is definitely a great idea and money well spent

  • JP Botha

    I definitely do. They got quite a pile of easter eggs from family.. and so far they have only eaten 3 each. Those easter eggs will probably last a good few months lol. Little toys as a substitute is a fantastic idea.

  • Michelle Van Rooyen

    I am every blessed, chocolates are not too in healthy, especially the dark chocolate, My children are quite awesome when it comes to sweets, not huge sweet fans, more chocoholics😃😄
    They prefer toys then sweets, but can’t say no to chockies😆😆

  • Leandra Du Toit

    EGGcellent idea and a awesome giveaway 🙂

  • Ncuthwa Luke

    Wooow would love to win for my daughter

  • Ramona

    My niece is 6 and crazy about them would absolutely love to win this for her

  • Ramona

    And I always put a tooth brush in with the eggs so she remembers to brush. She knows her boundaries but with all she has been through pigging out a little for one day isn’t so bad but she is a good kid she shares her “booty” as she calls it with everyone!

  • Simone Cameron

    I also went with toy route this year, though more puzzle books and art items…crayons and pencils, etc. My kids honestly didn’t touch the chocolate. My daughter isn’t a huge chocolate eater but likes Lindt….so I got her a box. She ended up giving them all away to toddlers. I almost cried! lol

  • Amee

    My daughter is obsessed. Would love to win this for her.

  • yvette henning

    I do try, absolutely, but the toy idea is great.

  • Brigitta Nel

    My daughter is crazy about Hatchimals ❤️ Would love to win for her birthday coming up in May

  • mick bester

    Well my daughter is only a toddler , and sugar makes her seriously hyper and a little bit much lol. So she was allowed to have a bunny at school and only 1 bunny chocolate over the weekend. And we ended up getting her a suprise barbie packet.

  • dina dos santos

    cheat treat one easter egg

  • Roanne Lalsab

    Small toys are a great way to keep a child busy, and lessen his/her sugar intake 🙂

  • Janet Perry

    Hi there, well the fact that this was our first Easter as vegans (from vegetarian) made choosing eggs and treats much harder but justified the lesser quantity hahahahaha (is that cheating)😝 I think little toys are also nice alternatives but through it all, we remember that we are sharing gifts and sweets to say thank you for the awesome sacrifice Christ made for us. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Salochana Naidoo

    Yes, I did try to limit our little boy’s sugar intake, although it was extremely difficult with all of the extra Easter treats. Small toys are an excellent distraction.

  • Lisa Brandon

    I do try to limit the sugar intake with my boys, they get a couple of chocked and an activity and or story book each( also to try to keep them a little occupied over the holidays 😉) and then after Easter Day they are allowed one chic per day!

  • Losh Don Kisten

    Normally its a watch what you eat but certain occassions I let her indulge, Easter being one of them as some of the goodies are only availabl during this time, Small toys are a alternative way…but kids will be kids they want a bit of both

  • Kaylee McKay

    I love the idea of substituting chocolate eggs. Pity that the chocolate ones are way cheaper hahaha. My daughter is a sugar freak so I try my best to give her alternatives, like a yoghurt, rice crisps etc, but I am sure that she would much rather prefer hatchimals hahahaha.

  • Lynnith

    Hi there, I think that I do sort of half heartedly limit the amount of chocolate my kids eat, mainly because I don’t fancy them throwing up everywhere. I think small toys actually are a great substitute, but possibly a bit pricier, unfortunately x

  • Chantelle Heydenrych

    My little girl loves her chocolates but we try and limited them to only weekends.

  • Gabi

    Definitely, especially since they hatchimals crazy , they ll be more then willing to drop the sweets in exchange for cool small toys like the hatchimals

  • Lee-Ann Buys

    Fingers crossed…my kids would LOVE this. Total Hatchimal fans!!! Also opted for only a few small good quality chocolates and a gift instead. Have done this for the last 3 years and it works like a bomb…kiddies are happy and mommy is happy ☺️. Win win!

  • Rushannah Job

    I’m a bad mother… I let the kids run wild over easter.
    In the end though they calm down and are quite willing and eager to not eat sweets for a whole.

    • Rushannah Job


  • Jenny Nieuwenhuys

    toys is a good substitute.. but Easter won’t be easter without chocolate.. but I do limit them

  • Anusha Naidoo

    Our little Evelyn is not fond of chocolates or candy so at Easter its no stress about over indulging in sweet treats.
    The substitute of toys is a great idea as a fun and educational toy is a investment in a child’s learning skills and growth or a plush toy to cuddle with. There are various toys available and its great to get a toy that will have a child’s attention and a distraction of sweet treats.

  • Chantell Roberts

    Well she got alot of easter goodies but still have left. I ask her dont you think you have enough sugar already. I try to educate her to much sugar is not good for you. If she say no I simply tell her I think you had enough sugar for one day try agai next week. Lol

  • thea lennox

    Wonderful idea. Love it

  • kamilah francis

    Small toys are great substitutes for too much sweets or easter eggs

  • Moira Mc Allister

    I have to limit my godchild with sugar intake other wise he is like 6 little toddlers running around. So small toys are great rewards

  • Nikki Venkiah

    I definitely limit the sugar intake, even over Easter and do substitute with a small toy or something 😊

  • Angelique

    I limit my 2 little girls at Easter with a small piece of chocolate a day. We have a rather large family so they get tons of eggs. We’ve also gotten them to focus more on the meaning Easter than the fun frills.

  • Kay-leigh Meyer

    being a mom of 3 its too expensive for me to go all out on easter. i normally only buy a box of the beacons eggs and a bunny each…. would love to be able to afford the hatchamals for easter my kids would of gone crazy.

  • Olivia Williams

    I let him have as much chocolate as I feel he should get….

  • Karen at MomAgain@40

    I do limit the sugar intake. She only gets one Easter egg a day( and we help her with that 😉)
    I would prefer giving non-sugary gifts, and these hatchimals look perfect for just that

  • Sharleen

    Prefer giving grandson small toys but he does have a few sweet treats on special occasions

  • Sofiah

    I do try to limit my sons sugar intake and definitely small toys are a better substitute

  • Irfaan Adam

    Yes small toys are a better option that sugar

  • Ayesha

    Small toys are better than giving children sugar. Childhood obesity and teeth problems is all sugar causes.limiting amounts are best.

  • Bhavana Singh


  • Bhavana Singh

    Only fruits and nuts for our little one, closest thing to sweeties are dried fruits 🙂 She is not into sweets , Thank God and THANKS to me with good teachings. She loves toys though and would love this AWESOME PRIZE

  • Anthea Williams

    I do try to curb my toddler cause he has enough energy without having sweets and chocolates.
    Small toys for him is not always a good cause most things goes straight in the mouth, so I would try to get him bigger sized toys.

  • Rebecca

    Small toys are a great substitute for easter eggs, especially the hatchimals. Another thing we did was encourage her to share her stash with the family as it’s way too much sugar for suchva small person

  • Lynn Botha

    great idea. Too much sugar = way too much energy in my house.. so I definitely limit their sugar intake..

  • Elize Skriker

    I have entered this one for my 6 year old daughter . She is quite a loner and enjoys playing by herself

  • Karlien Van Vuuren

    Yes i think it is much better to give a little gift that they can enjoy rather than sweets.

  • Mireika

    Yes i think limiting the sugar is good, but still allow them to have fun. Also toys instead of choccie is always a good idea 🙁

  • Jonelle

    To be honest, we went a bit crazy with the chocolate stuff. It’s Oden’s first Easter that he understands and I was totally overjoyed at building up the Easter bunny excitement! Now he asks me for his “green bucket” a million times a day because it’s full of chocolate lol

    • Maz

      That’s okay… sometimes I think Oden can do with a bit of sugar… he is way too calm compared to Knox and Mikayla! HAHA, makes me look bad

  • Lizanne

    So we don’t do Easter in our house, but in general I think simple is better so small toys to balance the sugar isn’t bad idea. My daughter absolutely loves Hatchimals, and I am sure if we did Easter she’d be stoked with them in lieu of sweets

  • Christopher Pitt

    We try to limit all sugar, but It’s difficult when the extended family bring treats around. Small toys take their attention away from treats, but then we also have to balance expectations and patience and taking care of their things.

  • Lisa

    I think little fun toys, especially with an element of surprise, are awesome for Easter!

  • Jade

    I try to limit their intake and usually buy an egg that comes with a toy or something as the main egg, then they get some marshmallows to fill up the gap so to speak.

  • Cindy Kotze

    My children would love this. Thanks for a great blog and insta page.



  • Cindy Kotze

    I think small toys are a great substitute! We tried to give our children a good mix of both this year. In the end, they got sooo much chocolates as gifts too, but this is exactly the time we will allow it, especially since it’s school holidays too.

  • Santel

    My two boys loved the hatchimals. Even used their tooth fairy money to buy more. This easter we focused more on small toys in plastic eggs which was a healthier and more exciting alternative. Love them they are such cuties.

  • Liezel

    I love this idea of replacing sugar with small toys! My daughter has ADHD. Add too much sugar to her day and she is bouncing off the walls and driving me crazy! This idea will ensure she still has a great easter hunt without thw sugar fall out later.

  • Gerard

    fantastic idea. I limit.. but easter is easter and its always one day of chocolate insanity for everyone 🙂

  • Simóne Human

    As my little boy is only 15 months old, I try as much as possible not to give him anything laden with sugar (we try to eat balanced meals everyday). Grandpa did get him an Easter egg though but he was completely disinterested in it. 🙂 I love the idea of giving them toys or activities instead.

  • Ragmat baron

    I dont limit my daughter as she is not a big chocolate eater. But small toys would be an excelllent substitute

  • Colette Van Rensburg

    My daughter got some small toys and finger puppets as part of her Easter hunt. I also requested that family members not give as many chocolates and sweets this year

  • Annabelle

    Absolutely brilliant idea- keeps the festive feeling but limits the sugar intake! And the kids are obsessed with hatchimals 😍

  • Johannes

    As the grandpa… mmmh I didn’t do any limiting.. ok.. so they weren’t allowed to eat everything all at once.. it went home for mom and dad to decide when.. but the toy substitute is brilliant.. will try that next year.

  • Tanya van der Merwe

    Such a good idea! I limit the amount of sugar that they eat but they do have the occasional special day like Christmas and Easter that things do get a bit out of hand… especially with all the Aunties and grannies that love to spoil them! Deffinitly going to do this!

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