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Review – The Spindel Specialist Laundry Dryer {+ A Special Deal}


I am so excited to tell you about the Spindel Specialist Laundry Dryer – It is so amazing that even I’m doing the laundry now… I am sure your brain shut down the moment you read the word “laundry”. After all, no matter how beautifully you decorate your laundry room or what delicious scented fabric softeners you use – it is still laundry, and laundry sucks balls. Well… You can make it suck a little less with this handy little contraption.

I have to be honest here, when the very nice people over at Spindel sent over this little guy… I was a bit underwhelmed. I mean… it is so teeny tiny… and this is their bigger size which holds up to 6,5kg. I remember looking at the demo guy and thinking “are you kidding me? Do you realize that I have two kids and do about two loads of laundry a day?! Is this a joke? Is this a laundry dryer for ants?” And then he did the demo, and I was shocked and in love. It was like a magic trick – it looks like you can only fit a towel and maybe a pair of socks in there, but this guy just kept loading more washing into it… watch this demo to see how it works:



Okay – reasons I love the Spindel, and why you would freakin’ love the Spindel:


1 ♥ During the cold, wet Winter months it is pretty much impossible to get any laundry to dry in Cape Town… I have been living here for 9-years and I still can’t get used to it (I grew up in Upington, you can literally watch an egg boil on a rock there). With the Spindel you do not have to worry about struggling to get your clothes to dry. It removes up to 80% of moisture from laundry in just 3 minutes – and you will not believe how much water comes out… and even less how much detergent is in that water! It is insane. I no longer have to cover every inch of our home in wet laundry, and I no longer have to deal with that damp fabric smell – you have no idea how much I hate that smell. I always end up re-washing the clothes.

Review - The Spindel Specialist Laundry Dryer {+ A Special Deal}


2 ♥ It saves money… lots and lots of money.This is the obvious one. Tumble dryers use up a lot of electricity—almost more than any other household appliance. The Spindel uses 100 times less electricity than tumble drying. During an average tumble drying cycle you use about 2.5 KWh (kilowatt hours) compared to using about 0.015 KWh (kilowatt hours) with the Spindel.

Review - The Spindel Specialist Laundry Dryer {+ A Special Deal}


3 ♥ It saves your clothes – which ties in with saving you money. The Spindel reduces damage to fabrics. No heat means less damage and it is safe for all fabrics. It also removes detergent residue and mineral deposits that can damage fabrics, fade colours and cause skin allergies – this is great for my daughter who has eczema prone skin.


4 ♥ It is much quicker than tumble drying. This innovative dryer uses spin power instead of heat to quickly remove the majority of moisture that’s left behind after your washing machine’s spin cycle – leaving fabrics almost dry in just 3 minutes! This means that your laundry can air dry in no time and thinner fabrics can even be ironed immediately.


5 ♥ Lower impact on the environment. That is always a winner ♥


6 ♥ It takes up much less space than a tumble dryer, because, as mentioned…teeeny tiny.

Review - The Spindel Specialist Laundry Dryer {+ A Special Deal}

I make use of my Spindel every single week – it has made such a difference in getting our clothes dryer a whole lot faster while noticeably saving on electricity usage.


Review - The Spindel Specialist Laundry Dryer {+ A Special Deal}


How the Spindel works:
After a regular wash and spin cycle in your washing machine or even after a hand wash (you people are crazy), load the Spindel and turn it on for just 3 minutes. The Spindel will then spin your laundry up to 80% dry in 3 minutes. You will not believe how much water is still left in your clothes after the washing machine is done with it. I did a load of laundry the other day and after two cycles in the Spindel it took out two litres of water – enough to fill up an ice cream tub.



The Spindel is available in a 4.5kg (retails from R2,199) and 6.5kg (retails from R2,499) capacity and is very reasonably priced considering the substantial energy savings that it will bring about.  If you compare the costs of a tumble dryer, this is definitely worth every cent. A huge thank you to Spindel for letting me air my clean laundry on my blog 😉

Also… for SPECIAL ALERT, you can head over to Takealot and buy the Spindel at a 20% discount now (R1999) ! Their daily deal sold out in minutes yesterday, so get yours quick … – what are you waiting for? Click here to go buy yours now.




Review - The Spindel Specialist Laundry Dryer {+ A Special Deal}

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website: www.spindel.co.za

Review - The Spindel Specialist Laundry Dryer {+ A Special Deal}

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  • Natasha Nathoo

    OH.MY.WORD!!!! I really need this cos i use cloth nappies and i don’t have a tumble dryer!!! This would save me sooooo much effort! Thanks for the review i have never ever even heard of this product!!

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