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Sophie La Giraffe Teether – Is She Worth It? {Product Review}

When Mikayla was a little baby, going through the horror we call teething, I never understood the allure of the Sophie la Giraffe teether. Sure, she is super cute with her caramel coloured spots, the hot pink blush on her cheeks, her mouth open in a huge smile and the cute little bend in her front knee… but she was a status teether. I thought she was overpriced and could not possibly live up to the hype. To me it was the equivalent of buying a Dior dress and using it as a dishcloth. It was a fad, a trend that would soon pass. Here we are, 4 years later and she is still one of the top-selling baby toys in the world.  My opinion of Sophie changed a couple of weeks ago when I was sent one to celebrate their new South African online store and Facebook page.

Sophie La Giraffe Teether Review

Knox started teething at 4-months old, but now at 6-months we have reached the worst part – the tooth is just underneath the surface of his gums and trying to break through. (I lie, the absolute worst part is actually when their molars come out, but thankfully it is still a while before we have to endure that special kind of hell-torture). I have tried various teethers, but none of them helped. Most of them are too awkward for Knox to hold and the rest he simply tosses aside. The moment I put Sophie in his chubby little hand, it was love at first sight – she was his new best friend. He stared at her for a couple of seconds and then proceeded to attack her face, backside and neck with his gums.

Sophie La Giraffe Teether Review

Sophie La Giraffe Teether Review

Sophie la Giraffe offers stimulation to all five of your baby’s senses. The spots for sight, a squeaker for sound, and soft rubber that has a unique feel, smell and taste. This teething toy is on the expensive end of its category at about R329.. However, it is made of natural rubber and is painted with food-grade, non-toxic paints – so it’s free of chemicals that can be present with other plastic teething toys (including BPA and phthalate). Knowing what I know now, she is worth every single cent.

She is easy to hold and the perfect size for tiny hands. There are plenty of little nubs and parts to chew on, from the legs to the ears and nose, so teething babies will certainly enjoy gnawing on Sophie. She is the choice of celebrities when it comes to teethers.  Ashton Kutcher, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Richie, Miranda Kerr, Isla Fisher and Kim Kardashian are some of the many celebs who use Sophie to get a couple of minutes peace. You know, seeing as they don’t have an entourage of nannies and night nurses to help them.

Ashton Kutcher and Sophie La Giraffe Isla Fisher and Sophie La Giraffe Kim Kardashian West and Sophie La Giraffe Miranda Kerr and Sophie La Giraffe Nicole Richie and Sophie La Giraffe Sandra Bullock and Sophie La Giraffe

In her native France, Sophie is a national icon, with annual sales (a reported 816,000 last year) paralleling the country’s birth rate. Sophie is also celebrating her birthday – she is turning 54 on St Sophie’s day. Send her your wishes on their Facebook page #HappyBirthdaySophie.

I really do think that this is a good quality teether, it is much nicer than the plastic water ones available. If you have exhausted all teething cures then you just have to try this, if it gives you 5-minutes of peace it is well worth it! I would also just like to add that my only concern with this teether is the long legs, although great for reaching those pesky molars, it will be very easy for a small baby to push it down his/her throat and choke/gag – as with pretty much everything in life, it is best to always keep an eye on your baby when they are chewing on their Sophie.

Ever wondered where your babies favorite teething toy came from? Read all about Sophie here!

To find some more info on Sophie La Giraffe you can visit www.sophiegiraffe.co.za

To visit their online store you can head on over to www.pyrelle.co.za

Go like their Facebook page for the latest news and updates! You can also share photo’s of your little one with their Sophie and wish her a happy birthday!

I will also be trying out the Sophie La Giraffe cosmetics range, so keep an eye on the blog for that! There might even be a giveaway…
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  • Cassey

    Sophie was Keiden’s best friend for the longest time, he would just have this big fat ‘chats’ with her. Her legs and face are faded beyond recognition – so well worth it.

  • Anseri

    My little boy loved Sophie – but had the flat smaller Sophie, that handles easier and grips better for smaller babies. Half circle top right and half circle bottom left.

  • tanita

    My youngest daughter is 4 years old… soon to be 5 years old, and i have never heard or noticed the sophie, she sounds like a real gem, good luck with the teething

  • aimee

    I like Sophie. ..my baba was blessed with it on christmas. They only issue i have with it..is that it seems to get dirty very quickly and doesn’t clean easily

  • maya

    Love Sophie…she must be good as she is still the worlds favourite teether after 54 years!

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