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The Top 7 Best-Selling Car Seats – Making The Right Choice

So a month or so ago I realized that Knox had outgrown his rear-facing car seat. It was a standard rear-facing seat that came with the pram we bought – and I suppose I was also postponing buying a new seat because, not only are they expensive, but the amount of choices out there is so overwhelming. How do you choose the right car seat for your little one?

Choosing The Right Car Seat For Your Little One - The Top 7 Best Sellers

Well, standing in Kids Emporium, I had so much support in choosing the right seat for my little man. Below is a list of their best selling car seats for the past year – and why their customers love them so much… I am sure this will help you make the right choice to suit your family!


  1. The Bebe Confort Trainos – R2499

Just so you know, this is the car seat I ended up going for. In my opinion, it was the most economical and logical decision, as it safely accommodates your child from the age of 1 to 10-years old.  The Bébé Confort Trianos is a combination booster car seat for both toddler & child and truly grows with your little one. From 9 to 18 kg, you can use the 5-point harness to fasten your child, and then switch to a regular 3-point car seat belt afterwards from 18 to 36kg. It is built to last and the extra-wide seat is designed to accommodate your growing child and offers superb support and side impact protection. The soft padded back support reclines to one relax position. Equipped with side protection system for enhanced safety, Trianos is a value for money car seat.


Why you should ♥ this seat:

• Combined group 1/2/3
• Side Protection System
• 2 seat positions

The Top 7 Best-Selling Car Seats - Making The Right Choice

2. The Bebe Confort Axiss – R5199


Okay, so this thing is crazy cool – if I was willing (read able) to spend this much money on a car seat, I would definitely go for this one!


The Bébé Confort Axiss car seat swivels 90° degrees to get your toddler in and out of the car more easily. It allows you an easy front-on access to secure your child or take him out in a simple turn. A seat belt tensioner system ensures a solid fit in car, and a colour indicator lets you know when the Axiss group 1 is locked safely in forward-facing position . In addition, a simultaneous headrest and harness adjustment ensures an perfect fit for your growing child while multiple recline positions further enhance comfort. The Bebe Confort Axiss will accomodate your child from 9-months to 4-years and will hold 9-18kg’s.

Why you should ♥ this seat:

• Easy swiveling seat
• Multiple recline positions
• Seat belt tensioner
• Simultaneous headrest & harness adjustment

The Top 7 Best-Selling Car Seats - Making The Right Choice

3. The Maxi Cosi Milofix – R5199


The Maxi-Cosi MiloFix is a high safety Isofix convertible car seat.
Strongly connected to ISOFIX anchorages of the car, MiloFix provides an easy and high safety installation. Covering 2 age groups, the seat is first a rear facing baby car seat (group 0+) from birth to approx. 15/18 months, the ideal position to protect baby’s fragile head and neck. Then, thanks to the easy switching system, the seat can be easily turned forward to become a toddler car seat (group 1).The newborn cushion, and the adjustable headrest ensures comfort for the growing child.
Why you should ♥ this seat:
• Extended rearward-facing travel
• ISOFIX installation system with Top Tether safety
• Combination car seat (Group 0+/1)
• Easy switching system
The Top 7 Best-Selling Car Seats - Making The Right Choice
4. The Maxi Cosi Tobi – R4499
This car is great for the fact that with its high position, your toddlercan actually see out the car window and will drive you crazy with I-spy games.  The Tobi car seat easily reclines to a comfortable sleeping position. For your own peace of mind, the harness features a colour indicator to show that your child is safely secured. It is solidly fitted in the car using the seat belt and belt tensioning system.
Why you should ♥ this seat:
• Seat belt tensioner
• Easy-in harness
• Simultaneous harness & headrest adjustment
• Multiple recline positions
The Top 7 Best-Selling Car Seats - Making The Right Choice
5. The Stokke Besafe Izi Sleep – R6999
The Stokke iZi Sleep X3 by BeSafe allows your baby to recline for a nap when outside the car. This ultra plush car seat includes an adjustable 5 point safety harness, an integrated sun canopy and soft padding for exceptional comfort and added protection. It can also be used as a stroller seat with the Stokke Xplory and Stokke Crusi strollers without the use of adaptors. It simply clicks right onto the chassis. With Stokke iZi Sleep X3 by BeSafe you will never have to wake a sleeping baby! Rearward-facing from birth and up to approximately 12 months (0-13 kg).
Why you should ♥ this seat:
• Unique horizontal sleep position provides optimal ergonomics for your baby        when outside your car.
• ISOFIX compatible – one click installation with the ultra-safe ISOFIX base.
• Safer sides – deep side impact protection.
The Top 7 Best-Selling Car Seats - Making The Right Choice
6. The Stokke Besafe Izi Go – R4999
The BeSafe iZi Go X1 baby car seat is compatible with a wide range of the most popular Stokke pushchairs. It has a large integrated sun canopy provides excellent UV protection (UPF 50+) and allows for excellent airflow. BeSafe iZi Go X1 baby car seat comes with easy multiple height adjustment as the baby grows and clever magnets to hold open the 5-point harness for easy access. Rear-facing installation group 0+: 0 – 13 kg
Why you should ♥ this seat:
  • Ergonomic design of the carrying handle
  • Extra large integrated sun canopy
  • Adjustable height of the harness and head cushion in 1 operation
  • Easy to place the child in the seat thanks to magnets in the shoulder pads
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Release handles for travel system can be operated in 2 positions.
  • Compatible with many strollers

The Top 7 Best-Selling Car Seats - Making The Right Choice The Top 7 Best-Selling Car Seats - Making The Right Choice

7. The Besafe Combi X4 isofix – R9999


So this is like the Rolls Royce as far as the best-selling car seats go.

The car seat can be made more compact in the car when the child is small, which gives more space for the adults too. As the child gets bigger, the car seat can be adjusted and give more leg room as necessary. iZi Combi X4 ISOfix car seat can be used both rear-facing and forward facing. The iZi Combi X4 ISOfix  is suitable from approximately six months to four years. Approved for rear-facing installation group 0+/1: 0 – 18 kg.  Approved for forward facing installation group 1: 9 – 18 kg.


Why you should ♥ this seat:

  • Double-EPS side impact protection (SIP) for the head and neck
  • Head support and shoulder belts can be adjusted to their correct height with 1 operation in 8 positions
  • Adjustable to 4 sitting or sleeping positions
  • Anti-rotation front brace protects your child from rear impact
  • ISOfix arms can be adjusted in and out in steps to give more leg room as the child gets bigger
  • Integrated floor support

The Top 7 Best-Selling Car Seats - Making The Right Choice

So I am sure you now have more than enough info if you are in the market for a new car seat – so head on over to your nearest Kids Emporium and let me know which one you chose! Follow Kids Emporium on Facebook to stay up to date with all the latest products, store openings and specials.


You can also contact them to find out stock availability:


The Top 7 Best-Selling Car Seats - Making The Right Choice

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