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Today Mikayla Turns 5… So We Had A Special Spa Date!

Yesterday I took Mikayla to Rouge Day Spa for a super special, girly, no boys allowed, very pink, Barbie infested spa date.

Before Knox was born, I used to take Mikayla on regular dates – we went to the movies, walked on the beach, picked up sea shells, had milkshakes or just went for some lunch. These were always so great, as I would have her all to myself and she would really open up to me about school and how she was feeling. After Knox arrived, these dates got fewer and fewer – but he needed me a little more at the time. We have recently started having regular dates again and she lights up when she realizes that she has me all to herself, my complete and total undivided attention. Today is Mikayla’s 5th birthday, so we will be celebrating by going to Bugz Playpark (her favourite place in the entire world), but before the madness – I thought we could use a little pampering.

Rouge Day Spa has a really awesome chick flick spa package, and they adapted it to make it a bit more suited to what a 4/5 year old would need (need is really not the right word here). We had such a great time – we got a manicure in the brightest pink colours she could find, with glitter of course. We then lounged on the comfy couches while we got our pedi’s, watched Barbie Rock N Royals, drank chocolate milkshake and ate marshmallows and popcorn.

Today Mikayla Turns 5... So We Had A Special Spa Date! Today Mikayla Turns 5... So We Had A Special Spa Date! Today Mikayla Turns 5... So We Had A Special Spa Date!  Today Mikayla Turns 5... So We Had A Special Spa Date!Today Mikayla Turns 5... So We Had A Special Spa Date!

It just showed me once again how important it is to make some “special” time for her – she is not one who wears her heart on her sleeve, but I can tell by her behaviour for the remainder of the day that she needed that alone time with me.

A huge thank you to the ladies at Rouge for being so accommodating, and for a really awesome spa date! Have a look at their super affordable treatments!


Happy birthday my angel pie… you are my sun.

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Maz Halliday

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  • Jade

    Moments like these are truly the BEST!

  • Cassey

    Happy birthday to her. And yay for just you two time 🙂

  • Laura

    What fun :)) Looks like a super special day. Perfect way to spend your 5th birthday!

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