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Tower Kids: Make Your Own Bouncy Balls & Mosaic Foam Art (Product Review)

A few months ago, Tower Kids got in touch and asked me if we would review some of their products. I agreed, but could not quite figure out what they were going to send me. When I think of the Tower brand, I think of the gold star sticker pack I used for my kids’ reward chart before I got bored and gave up two weeks in…


Little did I know that they had an amazing range of kids’ activities available at an affordable price which you can find on Takealot!

Both my kids are slightly obsessed with science experiments, so we were really excited about Making Our Own Bouncy Balls. At first I thought that it might be a bit advanced for Knox, but he joined right in and had such a great time doing it. The awe and excitement on their faces were absolutely priceless. The kit comes with 2 x moulds and 4 x colour powders. You put the mould together and fill it up with your colour powder. They poured in all the colors in different layers and once they were done, we submerged them in water for about 3-minutes. We then had to remove them from the water and leave them to set for another 2-minutes. They were each able to break open their own molds and were so excited with the end result. The moulds are also reusable so you can make quite a few bouncy balls!

What I love most about this product is that the whole experiment takes a few minutes, so the kids don’t end up losing interest or getting frustrated. It was really easy, and they actually did not need my help at all! The kit retails for about R63 and is available on Takealot.

The second activity was from the Arts ‘n Crafts range, Mosaic By Numbers. This is great, and really works on your child’s fine motor skills and concentration – but warning… it gets messy! I have little foam blocks everywhere in my house! So worth it though, it kept them busy for hours. It is basically like paint by numbers, but with little sticky foam blocks instead. The little ones need to stick the different colour foam blocks in their allocated spaces to finish their artwork.

I was so impressed with these two products that I decided to order a few more (not sponsored by the brand) – I will let you know how they work out!


To see the full product range, click here.


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