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Umatie – Homemade Baby Food Delivered To Your Door {+WIN}

This post is long overdue!

Life has been a little bit hectic with work, colds and flu, busy kids and running a household – you know what I mean. We’ve all been there… sometimes life is just too busy.

As you know, we started Knox on solids quite a while ago and it has been quite a lot of fun! I decided early on that I would make all his food myself as I felt more comfortable knowing where all the ingredients were coming from and how it was prepared. Call me paranoid, but I grew up on one of the largest fruit and vegetable farms in the country – I know a thing or two about what can happen when you use bad produce and pesticides to cut corners – and how can I trust a big corporation to use the freshest, most organic and natural ingredients? How do we know? We just don’t.

Umatie - Homemade Baby Food Delivered To Your Door {+WIN}

Anyway.. getting back to Umatie. I love making Knox’s food – I really am having fun with combining new flavours and textures. It is however, quite time consuming and sometimes there just is not enough hours in the day. I prepare all Knox’s food for the week on Sundays and then freeze it to use during the week. A while ago I got the worst flu ever, and there was just no way that I could prepare Knox’s weekly meals – and this is where the Umatie meals stepped in! If you are Cape Town based and are looking for healthy homemade food for your baby and toddler, check out Umatie and their range of meals!

The meals were delivered in 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable food containers and frozen into 4 x 30ml cubes each for ease of use – for if you want to split it into smaller portions during the day. Umatie offers four stages to gradually introduce your baby to solid food. The ages associated with each stage is only a guideline and certain stages could be introduced earlier or later, depending on your baby.

Umatie - Homemade Baby Food Delivered To Your Door {+WIN}

The food was incredible – I had to stop myself from eating it! They had the most incredible combinations of flavours – things I would never think of doing! I really love that they cover such a wide range of ingredients, which in turn offers a wonderful range of nutrients. The only downside to me is that I felt that there was a bit too much fruit – I prefer to feed my little guy mostly vegetables, but that is a personal choice.Umatie - Homemade Baby Food Delivered To Your Door {+WIN}

I have decided to still carry on making Knox’s food myself, but then to order all his favourites and the dishes I could not even dream of making from Umatie in individual meals. Best of both worlds! If you order individually it works out to about R11.00 – R14,50 per meal, depending.  Weekly meals in the various stages are about R165,00.

Umatie - Homemade Baby Food Delivered To Your Door {+WIN}

Knox’s favourite meals were:

Mello Yello – sweet potato, dried mango and fresh orange juice… I loved it too!

The Simply Apple – it was nice and sweet, not sour like the ones I make!

Wroom-Wroom – carrots, butternut and raisins… what an interesting combination and it tastes amazing! And so healthy.

Zesty Apricot – pears, dried apricots and dried cranberries… it tastes like dessert. Yum!

Fruit Deluxe – pear, apple, dried peaches, dates, orange juice and cinnamon. It tastes like apple pie!

Umatie - Homemade Baby Food Delivered To Your Door {+WIN}

Umatie was founded by sisters Anna and Judi in 2012. Anna and Judi come from a big family who make an occasion of mealtimes: they love cooking and indulging in wholesome, healthy meals, and they’ve always enjoyed spending time in the kitchen. Anna put a great deal of time and effort into coming up with new recipes and cooking healthy, yummy meals for her first baby when she first started introducing solids. After seeing her baby’s enjoyment of these meals, Anna and Judi wanted to share these yummy meals with other babies – and so Umatie was born. Anna and Judi believe in healthy living, that eating should be fun and that family is everything.

Umatie is homemade in Somerset West with various delivery and collections options around Cape Town. For more information or to place an order, visit, or phone Anna (072 999 2618) or Judi (084 412 3443).


You can win a week’s meals from Umatie for your little one – you will be giuded to help choose the perfect stage for your child’s age. All you have to do is follow the below steps:

1. Like Caffeine and Fairydust on Facebook

2. Like Umatie on Facebook

4. Comment below with your own favourite baby/toddler food recipe!

5.  Like and Share This Post – each social media platform will count as 1 point

Competition ends 1 August 2015

T’s & C’s Apply – please note that Umatie only delivers in the Western Cape at the moment please click here to see if you fall into the delivery area.

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Maz Halliday

Maz is self-employed mom to two of the most gorgeous, yet tiring kids you will ever lay eyes upon. She maintains her sanity by blogging at Caffeine and Fairydust and rocking from side-to-side in her bath tub at night (with a glass of bubbly - no one ever said you can't be fabulous while having a nervous breakdown). She aims to broaden people's perspectives - and in the process will either make you laugh or p%#@ you off. Don't be shy... come say hi!




  • Catherine

    My little guy loves Spag Bol, or roasted sweet potato with quinoa and cooked apple and cinnamon with a sprinkle of custard powder for pudding.

  • Tracy Jacobs

    I make my grandchildren fried bananas in butter with cinnamon, so they get their potassium levels up. Also tomatoes and onions as a sauce, with eggs on top. They love these at the moment. Next time they visit I will do butternut soup ?

  • Carolyn Augustus

    My angel pie loves Mac n cheeses and also goes crazy over cinnamon pancakes

  • Carey Townsend

    Tom loves beef bolognese and I bulk it up with extra mushrooms! His face, hands and high chair end up covered with tomatoey goodness!

  • Danelle Wilkinson

    My 3 year olds favorite is sphagetti bologneise and believe it not peas and mielies with couscous and feta ? for my 8 month old, i make most of his food myself. My latest batch was butternut, carrot, baby marrow and apple. Yummy if i do say so myself. He also enjoys a sweet potato and pear combo.

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