30 Week Pregnancy Update & 4D Scan!

30 weeks Pregnancy Update & 4D Scan

As I am typing this, I am officially 30 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I am not going to lie to you, as much as this pregnancy is an absolute blessing – these past few days have been tough. I am going to have a moaning sesh, but try stick with me to the end.

Besides being really tired in the beginning and struggling with low iron, this pregnancy has been a breeze. Especially after my first, which landed me in the hospital a couple of times, and then going into premature labour with my second… yeah. I can do with one “normal” pregnancy, thank you.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but damn… this is hard. I don’t know if it is just me if my body just was not built for this – but I am so over it right now. I blame it on the heat. I have two fans on me at all times, and yet I am still always overheated. The heat is also causing me to swell like crazy, my hands, feet, and legs look ridiculous. I know it is partially due to water retention as well. I can’t wear my rings anymore, and I had to buy bigger shoes! My back and neck are pretty sore, I am uncomfortable, I can’t breathe properly and if I don’t see my chiro at least once every two weeks – my pelvis feels like it is being torn apart.

I am sleeping terribly, I have to wake up to turn myself around and I am constantly needing to pee. Let’s not even get started on the heartburn… I know. Moaning session of note, but it is just how I feel right now. Pregnancy doesn’t always have to be beautiful, and it is not always beautiful. It can be hard, it can be exhausting and it can be challenging. There is nothing wrong with speaking out about it – I am pretty sure I am not the only one in the world struggling right now.

That being said, the good parts are pretty damn good. My hair looks amazing, my nails are so healthy and strong and my skin truly is glowing! I have an excuse to walk around half naked all day and I love my big round belly so much. Pregnancy came with a sense of body positivity I never expected. Most of the time I can get out of doing the dishes and I get to have a million amazing naps a day.

Feeling this little boy fluttering around in there constantly astounds me. I also had a 4D scan done for the first time in my life and it was so worth it. I never did it before, because I thought it was unnecessary and to be honest – it makes babies look kind of creepy. I am so glad I did it… I got to see my boy’s face and I feel like I know exactly what he is going to look like.

I went for a check-up yesterday and we established a date for my c-section, which makes it all very real. We have exactly 2 months to go before we welcome him earthside and I cannot wait. Even though I am 30 weeks pregnant, he is measuring in at 33 weeks and weighs just below 2kg’s! He is going to be a big boy compared to my dainty other two.

At least I have quite a bit to keep myself busy with. I bought some gorgeous antique furniture for his nook in our room that I need to DIY, and I have quite a bit to still get ready. I am only starting with the nursery this weekend. I still need to pack our hospital bags and get a few more necessities. I am waiting for a surge of energy… I cannot help this nagging feeling that I might be forgetting something though….

What is the one item you absolutely could not live without during the first few months?

30 Week Pregnancy Update & 4D Scan!

2 thoughts on “30 Week Pregnancy Update & 4D Scan!

  1. Elana says:

    My Ubuntu Baba stage 1 hands down is the one thing I would have traded ANYTHING else to keep I used it that much working from home, wraps were way too hot to wear for long stretches and Ella wouldn’t sleep lying on her back so I couldn’t get anything done unless I was wearing her. I used it for almost all of her naps on week days until she was 8 months old and got too big to fit between me and my desk. The other thing is a video monitor, I still use it every single day now to watch her when she plays on her own in her bedroom. #stalker but at least I always know she’s safe

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