A Little Bit Of Nostalgia & Healing – Klein Pella Guest Farm

I had a very different childhood than most – I am acutely aware of that now. I can see it in my husband’s face when I tell him the stories of the adventures we had and how we chose to entertain ourselves. The look of bewilderment, disbelief and confusion mixed with a pang of jealousy. I never appreciated it until I moved to the city and had kids of my own. I had a magical childhood, there is no other way to describe it. We lived, we really really lived and I want my kids to have as much of that as possible. Maybe I will even write a book about it one day, who knows?


My husband’s mother passed away in July and it left us all devastated. My husband went off to England for two weeks to be with his dad and all the while I was at home trying to figure out how the hell I was going to get him through all of this, how I could help him and my kids even begin to heal. I realized that a pretty good place to start would be at the beginning – to give them a bit of my magical childhood. He has been to my childhood home many times, we go at least twice a year and it is a magical place in itself. This time, however, I wanted to show him a hidden gem – a place unlike anything you have ever seen before. We used to go here a lot when I was little, even taking trips with the trucks transporting grapes/pallets or dates so that we could spend a few hours there. This magical place is called Klein Pella and is in the middle of nowhere, literally. If you are ever traveling in this direction, you just have to book yourself into the guesthouse and experience it for yourself.


Klein Pella is in the popular Namakwaland, exactly between the mining town of Aggeneys and the Onseepkans Namibian border . You turn into a dirt road which snakes along withย “kokerย some”ย  as far as the eye can see. You drive for about 40km’s, surrounded by nothing but the kalahari and dust… something you can almost describe as wasteland, so ugly that it is beautiful in its own way. You eventually get to a faded sign pointing you in the direction of the farm, and after a few more kilometers you reach the guesthouse. This is not an accommodation review, because I cannot possibly give you an unbiased one – you will have to visit TripAdvisor for that! For security reasons I am also not going to disclose how I form part of this place or why – I just do not feel comfortable putting that kind of information on the big wide web – but I can share my deep love of the place with you.


Klein Pella is like something out of a Bible story, one minute you are driving around the dusty dessert-like lands and the next you stumble upon a date plantation – like an oasis. You almost cannot believe it is real, and the size of it is overwhelming. Klein Pella is the largest date plantation in the Southern Hemisphere, and it is so interesting watching the harvest take place or how the baboons try their luck with stealing the dates. I remember camping by the river as a kid, playing with my friends in the muddy shallows while our dads fished and moms fussed about. We used to disappear for hours, climbing the rocky mountain ranges and discovering caves and all sorts of strange plants and stones. Back then it was completely normal to let your kids run wild, we were pretty resilient I suppose. I tried it with Mikayla over the weekend, but living in the city made me soft and I could not bear to let her out of my sight. How my generation survived only our parents know.


I have so many fond memories of this place. When I told my husband I wanted to go pick up some Amethysts in the mountain slopes he looked at me like I was insane – you know, “that’s not how it works”. I just smiled at him and led him to a secret spot, where the ground is covered in thousands of amethyst crystals and copper stones – it is a sight to behold. The farm used to belong to a geologist who mined all sorts of semi precious stones in the area – I don’t even think all of the locations have been discovered. This is where my love for Amethysts started, my dad brought my mom the biggest cluster of Amethyst crystals when the farm was first purchased and I have been in love with them since.



When we were little, my friends and I used to see who could climb best – and when we would eventually get into trouble for climbing to high up the rocky slopes we would opt for climbing the stone walls at the guesthouse. It was incredible to see my kids climb those very same rocks and explore the places we loved to play in. Years have gone by but everything has stayed the same. We even had some movies shot there, the most famous being Lord Of War and The Last Face with famous celebs such as Nicholas Cage, Jared Leto, Charlize Theron and Xavier Bardem gracing us with their presence. When Lord Of War was shot back in 2005, it was probably the most exciting thing to happen to us since the invention of the bread slicer. Pitty Nicholas Cage was an ass, but how many people can say they went fishing with Jared Leto (even though it was before he was actually famous)?


We spend the whole weekend with my parents and sisters, just relaxing and enjoying this hidden gem. We ate, and laughed, and explored and just loved being in each other’s company – and our healing started. We need to start living life again, really living it – not just running a constant rat race or trying to get extra hours in the day. We need to slow down and appreciate every second we are granted on this planet. The kids loved it, my husband was in absolute awe of the place and I just basked in the nostalgia. I’m still not sure why I even bothered coming back to Cape Town at all… lying in bed listening to the leopards chasing the baboons, watching the sun rise over the rocky mountains in the morning with a strong coffee in hand and admiring the beauty that surrounds you – that is life. It is a life worth living and it is incredible. This is but a small snippet from an adventurous child hood, and I am really thinking about telling my story – but would you want to read it?


So if you ever find yourself in the middle of nowhere, pop in and give you soul some healing.

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  1. Chereen says:

    Oh my word – this looks absolutely magical, Maz! I just want to go here now! I would absolutely read more about your childhood adventures – I definitely think a book is in order!

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