Hi! My name is Maz. I am a self-empoyed #momboss from Cape Town, South Africa who apparently enjoys blogging more than sleep. What is sleep anyway? I have two adorable and extremely exhausting kids, my perfect pigeon pair. Mikayla, my daughter, is 7-years old and Knox, my son, is 3-years old. We also happen to have a third baby on the way… another boy!

My husband’s name is Cole, and he is pretty much my favourite human on the planet. We share our home for our twi rescue dogs (Bam & Kylo), and our three rescue cats (Rhino, Sparkles a.k.a Fluff and Sprinkles a.k.a Non-Fluff). 

I used to work as a senior fashion designer, until I made the decision to be more present in my children’s lives and focus on living – not just surviving. I resigned from my job in February 2018 and it was the best decision I had ever made. I now blog, do freelance content creation and copywriting as well as work out smart social media strategies for small businesses. I recently launched my company Driven Social along with my best friend, and it has been a wild ride! We focus on all things digital – so if you need new branding, a rad website, some social media help… you know where to find me!

Some Random Facts About Me:

I never wear anything that shows my legs – ever. I basically live in black tights and black skinny jeans or maxi dresses. My favorite colour is black. I love animals more than I love people. I have a fear of balloons – I absolutely cannot stand it when they pop. I will definitely, without a doubt in my mind survive a zombie apocalypse. When I need a confidence boost I wear bright lipstick. I have an irrational fear of wasting an amazing outfit on a insignificant day. I suffer from insomnia, depression and anxiety – but I’ve got this. I don’t trust people who smile too much – no-one is that happy. I like being alone. I am a closet helicopter mom. You can bribe me into anything with a bottle of champagne, some lemons and Sweetie Pies. I have a crap load of tattoos on my legs, arms, hand, fingers and neck. I never read the manual, ever – that’s what husbands are for.

What To Expect From Caffeine and Fairydust

This is mostly a personal blog filled with the highest highs and lowest lows that comes with being a parent. Basically a documentation of my perfectly imperfect life as a modern, working mom. Besides personal stories, our adventures and a few rants, I also like to chat about some of our favorite products and I absolutely love hosting giveaways. I really want my blog to be an interactive platform where I can connect with my readers, and I absolutely love posting photo’s to Instagram. My twitter is a great way to have conversations with readers so please follow me there if you haven’t already and start chatting!


I love doing sponsored campaigns for brands I believe in. Brainstorming campaign ideas is something I recently discovered quite a passion for. I am very selective on the companies and brands I choose to work with, but get in touch if you think you are a good fit. You can also visit this page for more info. Pop me an e-mail at maz@caffeineandfairydust.com