Adulting Is So Much Harder Than I Expected…

There is one pretty important lesson that I NEED to teach my kids, and that is to manage their expectations when it comes to being an adult. Yeah, it’s all fun and games when you are a student, living in your own place and making your own rules while mom and dad cover the bills in the hope that you won’t drop out of college or end up in some dodgy ditch, or when you start your first full time job and have loads of cash but no real responsibilities except for taking out easy-to-understand car insurance. Once you start having to actually be a PROPER ADULT, the rose-tinted glasses fall off pretty damn soon.

I’ve been reassessing adulthood lately. Maybe it’s because having kids makes you relive your childhood for a few seconds, or because my car battery died, or my car license expired a week ago, or because I just had to pay a stack load of bills and put a deposit down on a new home… Or maybe my mind just tends to wander after hearing the Paw Patrol song for the forty-millionth time… Nevertheless, I wish I could go back in time and warn myself that Peter Pan was right – growing up is a trap! Maybe I would not have been so quick to rush towards it…

  1. Debt is a trap! Don’t do it!

When we were younger and a bit more idiotic, Cole and I got into a bunch of debt because it was just so damn easy. No-one warned us not to, and we had no idea how hard it would be to get out of it. It only took about 7 years, but we are almost there. I cannot wait for the day that I am officially debt free!

  1. Your birthday doesn’t really matter anymore…

I know, that sounds super depressing… But people just stop making a big deal out of it and it kind of sucks. It also becomes one big reminder of mortality and how quickly time is slipping through your fingers – and trust me, that is scary AF.

  1. Christmas is a sham

When I was a kid, Christmas was just a magical time of the year. I would count down the days and wonder what presents I would get and if my mom would make her famous peppermint tart. I didn’t have to think about saving up so that I would have a big-enough budget, present buying, making all the food and creating magical Pinterest memories for my family… Christmas JUST HAPPENED. I never noticed how hard my mom worked to make it happen, how she spent all day in the kitchen and collapsed from exhaustion once the food was finally served. Now it is all on me… And it is bloody stressful. No wonder Santa is so fat.

  1. You actually have to watch what you eat…

No more are the days of stuffing hot dogs in your face and having pizza for breakfast. Not only do you gain weight like there is no tomorrow – you also now have the added benefits of heartburn, cholesterol and diabetes to think about. Yay!

  1. You have to make so many decisions…

This one is probably one of the worst for me. I am such an indecisive person… And being an adult comes with a whole stack of really important decisions… Should you rent or buy a house? Do you really need medical aid? Is this car seat safe enough? Can the kids eat Pronutro for supper a second night in a row? What schools should they go to? It never ends…

  1. You have to take out insurance that actually makes sense

When I bought my first car, my dad sorted out my insurance for me and I never had to worry. Now I am the one making the payments every month.

Anyway, being an adult also means that I get to call it a day now… I’m going to make a blanket fort, eat popcorn for dinner and watch cartoons until my brain switches off. I will adult again tomorrow.

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8 thoughts on “Adulting Is So Much Harder Than I Expected…

  1. Kerry says:

    Couldn’t agree more with this, it is SO hard! And they don’t teach us what we really need to know in school.
    I am in the same situation with debt and still have quite a while to go but I have learnt my lesson.

    • Maz says:

      SUCKS that we have to learn these lessons the hard way. I really wish there was a more apt subject in school that taught you all the real shit that comes with real life…

  2. Melissa Javan says:

    What do your kids about what is “manage their expectations “? It sounds tough to explain.
    I’m so with you on this list, especially the one of debt is a trap. And yup, I’m indecisive too.

  3. Simone Cameron says:

    The debt is really a problem….I don’t think I’ll ever be debt free.

    Adulting is fucken hard. I feel done in because I’ve been Adulting since I was about 12. Lol. Literally never had my parents pay for anything for me…if anything I had to take on debt as a 19yr old to keep them homed. So I feel I deserve a bit of a do-over. Lol.

    I really never want my kids to fall into the same trap. Thankfully when we know better…we do better. And maybe they need to look at the school curriculum to include these sort of practical situations of being an adult. I don’t know if today’s kids are going to be prepared for Adulting.

    Now I also want to make a blanket fort and eat popcorn! 😄

    • Maz says:

      Apparently its possible… I am nowhere near being debt-free, but people do it (how????!!)
      And yes, you should feel done in!

      Go make your blanket fort, it’s Friday

  4. Aisha O. says:

    Urgh, adulting is possibly the worst (and rarely best) thing to have happened to me! You’re free from your parents, but not free from the world of responsibility that plagues you every single day. Such a trap! Debt, is the devil and time goes by so much faster now that I actually need it to function lol. Well, we’re in this now 😉

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