Bringing Home A New Puppy – Tips & Checklist (And Meet Our Kylo!)

When our puppy, Luna, passed away a few months ago from Distemper – I was devastated. I was not thinking about getting another puppy for quite some time, but as fate would have it… there was another little baby in dire need of a home. We took Kylo in, and he has been such a wonderful soul to have around. He is different to Luna in every single way, but he has helped us heal tremendously.

I have learned so much throughout this journey, and I am still learning every day. Our animals are truly our life companions, our children. We will always want what is best for them and love them unconditionally. Kylo is a gorgeous little pup, he is a Pointer X Breed and is growing at such a fast rate. In the two months that we have had him, he has more than doubled in size.


He has a spunky personality, is loving, protective and our kids’ best friend – it is no surprise that Hill’s Pet Food has chosen him as a brand ambassador!

This is my first time adopting and raising a puppy from such a young age (he was only 8 weeks old when we got him), and I was terrified at first. I have only ever had old dogs, and after Luna passing from Distemper I was even more fearful and paranoid. I watched intently for any sign that he might have it, and I am so happy to see he is perfectly fine. Perfectly healthy.

When Kylo first came to live with us, he had a very upset stomach. That was the first thing I learned, that changing their food can cause quite a few issues – so it is better to introduce them slowly. I cooked some plain rice and mixed it with his Hill’s crunchies, after about a week he was back to normal. If you know what food your dog/puppy ate before coming to live with your it is suggested that you mix some of the old food with the new. Being a large breed dog, and being so young, I knew that feeding him proper and nutritional food was vitally important.

When you have a new kitten or puppy, you get a free welcome pack at any Hill’s stockiest when you go to buy them food for the first time. The best part about these Puppy/Kitten Welcome Packs is that there are two savings vouchers, with savings up to R450 on your next purchase! The first voucher can be found on the outside of the pack – with a saving of up to R200, and the second voucher can be found inside the pack with a saving of up to R250. Each Welcome Pack comes with the amazing and informative booklet. This has everything that you need to know about raising a new pet, choosing the right nutrition, life stages of puppies and much much more. This helped me, as a first time puppy owner, so much.


So, when you are bringing your new puppy home – think of it as bringing a new baby home. It is so important to give him/her time to adjust to their new surroundings. You can do the following to make it easier for them:

  1. Try to keep the household fairly quiet and ensure that all family members are interacting with the puppy in a calm and gentle way
  2. Put lots of soft bedding and a few toys down on your puppy’s bed. Puppies need to fell secure.
  3. Show your puppy where to do its’ business outside, and give him/her a chance to go for a wee or a twosie every few hours (especially after a nap, eating, drinking or playtime)
  4. Take lots of time to interact and play with your new puppy – this will help create a bond that will last a lifetime.


What you will need before bringing your new puppy home:


Puppy proofing your home is extremely important. Your puppy should be supervised at all times – just like a child. If that is not possible, put them in a safe enclosed space with loads of toys and a bowl of water. Here are some tips for puppy proofing your home…

  1. Use covered dustbins in your home
  2. Store household poisons and cabinets in a locked cabinet
  3. Keep toilet lids down so that your puppy cannot fall in or drink from the bowl
  4. Keep electrical cords and wires out of sight/reach or secured from the wall
  5. Keep dangling blind and curtain cords out of reach
  6. Restrict unsupervised access to swimming pools, even if covered
  7. Secure your driveway to prevent puppy from being run over or escaping
  8. Be aware of poisonous substances in and around your home: antifreeze, weedkillers, fertilizers and pesticides

Remember, your puppy’s life is in your hands. They are your responsibility now and what you put in to their health and wellbeing is what you will get out.

You can find more information on the Hill’s Pet Food website, their Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter. I will keep you up to date with all of their promotions and I am so excited to work with such an amazing brand!

Do you have any puppy related questions? We have a team of experts ready to answer them, just leave your question in the comment section below.

Kylo was adopted from Sidewalk Specials, an amazing organization that rescues dogs from abusive situations and off euthanasia lists. They also run sterilization drives in townships and for every sterilization you sponsor – Hill’s will match it with another!


  • Sponsored by Hill’s Pet Food Nutrition South Africa



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