Caffeine and Fairydust Won The Award For Best Blog of 2017! #SAMommyBloggerAwards

On Friday evening I got home from dinner with friends after a crazy busy, but wonderful day. I was on a such natural high after spending a really great day with my son that I completely forgot that the South African Mommy Blogger Award announcements were happening that eve. As I put my son to bed, my phone went ballistic with messages from friends telling me to check Twitter. I honestly thought I was in trouble again, we all know I can get a bit too real for some people at times…


To my surprise, I logged in to a notification that Caffeine and Fairydust was the overall winner for the best blog of 2017! I honestly can’t believe it, and I feel so honored for a number of reasons…


1..I have honestly been getting a bit scared that my blog had become irrelevant over the past year or so. I don’t have a gorgeously curated Instagram feed and brands don’t exactly flock to dress my kids in their latest all-white linen outfits (because my kids are hooligans and they WILL destroy it). They don’t have a snow white fluffy rug in their bedroom that make for the perfect family Insta backdrop (because my kids are hooligans and they WILL destroy it) and we don’t live in a world of perfect parenting serenity. I have always been adamant to keep my blog and social media channels as real and raw as possible – the good, the bad and the downright ugly. I don’t want to feed into a craze of unrealistic parenting that has been plastered all over social media, because no matter how hard we try not to – we do compare ourselves to others.


2..I recently quit my full-time job to do my blog full-time (which starts this week), and also to launch my own company (The Image Consultant). It was a really scary step to take, but the blog had grown way past being just a hobby and I knew that it was time to either go all in or kill it. This award makes me feel like that was not the craziest thing in the world to do, and maybe I am on to something.


3. Blogging is hard. It is really hard. I can understand how it looks easy, and how fun it must seem to get all the free products and attend all the cool events. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for the amazing opportunities this blog has afforded my family and I. It gets overwhelming and it takes so much time away from your loved ones. You are also always putting yourself in the public eye and completely open to criticism. You pour your heart and soul out and wear your demons on your sleeve for the world to see, so sometimes a little bit of recognition is enough to make you burst out in tears from joy – because someone sees your hard work and appreciates it.


4. This was not a popularity contest, I did not have to beg people to vote for me or grovel for likes. Bloggers could enter into three categories of their choice, and submitted links to two of their best posts for each category. Their were 19 categories to enter into, and the winners of these awards were determined by a panel of independent judges. And wow…. the judges. I am so honored to have been chosen as best blog of 2017, because the judges are all people I hold in high regard and I still cannot get over the fact that they actually read my blog! The judges for the South African Mommy Bloggers Awards 2017 were:


Pabi Maloi

Pabi is an all-round african QUEEN, style icon to many, seasoned radio and television presenter. She is well respected in the industry and has such a funky personality.


Brent Lindeque

Brent unknowingly had quite a big part to play in my current life path. I have been actively trying to have a more positive outlook  and mindset about life in general, and he pioneered the #ChangeOneThing movement which went viral internationally – using the simple premise that YOU have the power to change everything. Brent is the owner of GoodThingsGuy Blog, a radio host on CliffCentral a public speaker and all around crusader for all things good in the world.

Bailey Schnieder

I have been following Bailey’s blog for ages, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that she is best described as an absolute ray of sunshine. She is a Radio and TV presenter, voice over artist, MC and Social Media Manager. She is also a mom to the most beautiful little boy.


Lorraine Kearney


From the bottom of my heart, thank you to these incredible (and super busy) people for taking the time to read through our work. And thank you for choosing me – I am beyond honored and grateful.

5. I competed against the best of the best, and it is always wonderful to see your name listed amongst such incredibly inspiring and hard working women! Congratulations to all of you, and to those who did not win – an award does not define you.

Here are the 19 deserving winners:

1. Best Foodie – Mama Chef Jozi
2. Best Travel – 3 Kids, 2 Dogs, and 1 Old House
3. Best Writer – ChevsLife
4. Best Tear-Jerker – Disney Mom Blog
5. Best Wisdom Giver – Baby Guide For The Modern Mother
6. Best Socia Media – Choose A Row
7. Best Rising Star – My Daily Cake
8. Best Inspiration – A Million Beautiful Pieces
9. Best Comedian – Tonic and Tiaras
10. Best Parenting – Modern Zulu Mom
11. Best New Voice – Mommy Explores
12. Best Photography – Rose and Thorns
13. Best Business – Generally Social
14. Best Beauty – For The Beauty Of It
15. Best Craft – In These Stilleto’s
16. Best Education – Heart Mama Blog


I would also like to thank the sponsors – Muppie Lounge, Blue Media Edit, Backsberg Wines, Yolande Bayards Photography, Melissa Glam Bam, SFP, Make-up by Ryno Mulder, Norman Goodfellows, Hamley’s SA and Baby Eat’s!


Most of all, thank you to One Messy Mama a.k.a Jacqui Bester for giving us this amazing platform, for celebrating us, believing in us and making us feel valued. I also want to thank you, the person reading this – without my amazing readers, this entire platform would be pretty useless.


Out of the winner lists, who is your favourites? Any blogs that you would have liked to add to it?

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