Currently 06/05/2015

Currently 06/05/2015

Today is a Currently Post day I think… There is so much going on in our lives and being sick in bed all day have given me some time to gather my thoughts.  

Feeling:  Right now I am feeling like absolute crap… I might die, and if I do – please hold me the most dramatic, over the top funeral you can ever imagine? I really want to be at my own funeral one day to watch everyone cry… Is that too weird? Sorry…  You have no idea how sorry I am feeling for myself.


Anyway, everyone has the damn flu – except for Mikayla. Let’s hope it stays that way.Being sick is kind of messing with my life as I have just started a new job about a month ago. I am really enjoying it and the environment is so much better than at my old job. I feel excited for the future, but I feel heartbroken when I look at the state our country is in.  

Doing: I am currently working on ranges for Spring and Summer 2016, quite weird seeing as Winter has just started! I am also putting the final touches to my beautiful new blog (have you noticed that we have changed to www.caffeineandfairydust.com?).

Listening to: One of my absolute favourite songs – Lissie’s cover of Kid Cudi’s Persuit Of Happiness.  It has been on repeat in my car for the past couple of weeks… I can just really relate to it. Here you go, you can thank me later! https://youtu.be/fqIFZFwMClE Feeling thankful for: My mother-in-law, sister and amazing hubby – everyone has been pitching in to help with the kids while I am sick. Thank you! My mom has been checking up on me every single day and sending me large doses of love. Thankful that I have a job, thankful that Mikayla is still healthy and thankful for all the support I have recieved bringing my new website to life.   Making: Pretty graphics for the blog ♥   Freaked out about: Lice, I am petrified of the little creepies. I am completely paranoid that somehow, someone in the family is going to get them and we will have a full on infestation! Have you seen Mikayla’s hair? Good luck finding any of those little creeps in there!   Anticipating: Meeting everyone at the Cape Town Blog Meet this weekend! I am also extremely nervous, I am not very good with people. I also feel a little intimidated as their are some impressive bloggers on that list…eek.   Eating: Flusin, if that counts? I have also rediscovered my love for yoghurt and last night I had the most devine Raw Organic Dark Chocolate from Honest Chocolate Artisans. Their packaging is also brilliant!

Honest Raw Organic Cocoa

Watching: Fallings Skies – it is so rad! Mikayla and I went to watch Cinderella last week, it was absolutely amazing!   Loving: Spa Ritual Bath Tonics – It is the absolute best! Essence’s I ♥ Nude make-up range and Catrice’s latest make-up range. Ombre nails is also a new obsession of mine! I am loving the rainy Winter days we have been getting in Cape Town, probably why I am sick. 🙁

Coral Ombre Nails

Milestones: Knox is now starting to sit for a couple of seconds, he grabs everything is sight and is so much more focused! Mikayla is just incredible, she comes home every day having learned something new.

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2 thoughts on “Currently 06/05/2015

  1. Cirsten van den Heuvel says:

    Shame. Hope you feel better soon. I’ve had this nasty flu too just comming out of it can’t take anything for it being pregnant, so it sux. Good old rooibos, ginger, honey and oranges have been my life saver.

    • Maz says:

      Aww no! Being sick when pregnant is the absolute worst! You can take Panado Medi-Sip by the way, total lifesaver ❤️

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