Currently… A Life Update – {July 2018}

July started off with a BANG!!! Wow… I think the biggest stress, and biggest change of all is that we have decided to move. Yes, I know…

I love our house, I really do. It is beautiful – almost everything about it is perfect. I love the view from every single window, I love the kitchen, I love the lounge and the garden… it is a wonderful place to raise a family. Except, it’s not. While Cole was out-of-town on business I was absolutely terrified… I locked the kids and the dogs in the bedroom with me and every single noise made me jump. We have security gates outside our bedroom doors for extra safety, and I was still so very scared.

One night our dogs started going crazy, then our perimeter beams were triggered – I had to let off a warning shot. Guys… this is not life. It really is not worth it at all and I just cannot do it anymore. Some may think that I am weak, that I am giving up – but I am just not willing for my family to become a statistic. If I am honest with myself, we should have left the farm ages ago…

Anyway, we found a lovely little house in a nearby suburb and close to the kids schools. It is going to be a massive adjustment – giving up the wide open spaces and countryside living for vibrocrete walls and traffic, but at least we will be a bit safer. We move on the 1st of August – and I have promised myself that this time we will get a moving company to help us! So if you can suggest anyone reliable that operates in the Cape Town area – please do!

Anyway, let’s get to this little update of mine…

What am I excited about?

I cannot wait to be in our new home! I am weirdly excited about it, but also a bit sad. I have also started Banting today, and I truly hope I can stick to it. I have been feeling so uncomfortable in my body the last few months (I picked up so much weight after that Cadbury trip!).  I also have my very first television appearance on Wednesday at 11am. I will be on SABC Health Talk live chatting about postnatal depression – so please tune in! Also… school holidays to be over… I AM DONE.

Prepping for…

Besides the TV interview, I have some pretty exciting things coming up!

On the 2nd of August I have my very first motivational speaking gig at The President Hotel for Women’s Day! I am really nervous, but also honored to be part of it. I cannot wait to meet all the amazing women attending this year’s event – it is going to be amazing! There are still tickets available at R500 each, and if you state that you are a Caffeine and Fairydust reader you get a nice big discount! Reserve your ticket by e-mailing wendy@askwendy.co.za

After that I will be speaking at the annual Cape Town Bloggers Meetup on the 4th of August, it is always such an amazing event. I am really looking forward to networking with other bloggers and sharing my story.

On the 11th of August I have my very first blogging workshop and it is sold out! This is my passion project for the year and I cannot wait… anyway. This is not a dairy listing, let me get on with it.

What Am I Accepting…

That it is totally okay to not always be okay. That I have horrific time management skills and that I need to work on it and that I cannot get through an episode of Nashville without bawling my eyes out.

This is also the week that we get feedback on Mikayla’s emotional and educational assessment – I am nervous, but I accept that it might not be what I want to hear.

What Am I reading….

I have not had a single moment to read, and it makes me sad. Business is doing so well, and it is keeping me really busy. At this point my main focus is to keep my kids alive and to grow my little company.

What Am I Watching…

I binge-watched all the episodes of Friends! It really is the best show ever made. I am also watching season two of This Is Us and just finished the last of the Nashville episodes that I had (I really need to get more!).

What Am I Listening To…

Ed Sheeran – because we got tickets to his concert!!!! BOOOYA (kak tickets, but tickets nonetheless)


All the rain we have been getting! I would happily live in a country where it rains all the time – it makes my soul happy.


My absolute and utter lack of energy or motivation.. not sure where it is coming from, but I am not a fan.

Parenting Win

Knox had his very first modelling gig! He will be in the Jet Magazine for their Summer campaign and I cannot wait to see it. I still cannot believe how confident he was and how much he loved it. Other than that – I have failed on every level. The school holidays, stress, illness etc. kicked my butt and I have been such a bad mom!

I don’t know… to be honest, this month has been a blur. I am struggling to write, and it is a bit of a problem. I am tired, but feeling a hell of a lot better than I did a few weeks ago. I had a bit of a health scare, but everything turned out okay in the end. I lost weeks of work and having the kids on holiday doesn’t really help – so I am just trying to keep my head above water while still bringing in enough work for my business to be viable.

I will be back on track soon… but if anyone has any motivational advice – don’t be shy!


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  1. Lindsay Thomas says:

    Very excited about you speaking at the upcoming blogging event Maz and on the plus side work doing great is GREAT for you. Well done for pursuing your dream.

    Goodluck with the move, I know it can be super stressful but a safe family is much better.

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