How To Make Christmas Magical With Elf For Christmas

It is the second year that Holly the Christmas Elf is gracing our home with her presence. She was such a hit last year that we are turning up the notch this time around. If you weren’t around or cannot remember – here are some snaps of Holly’s adventurous time in the Halliday household…

As you can see, Elf For Christmas is an awesome tradition and there are so many ways to make it work for your family. It is fun, it is exciting and it gets the magic of Christmas going… it is also an excellent blackmail tool to get your kids to behave! A lot of people are not sure where to start, so here is an unofficial guide to making Elf For Christmas work for you… and how we are making it extra special this year!

1.ย Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

This is one of the most exciting Christmas traditions to me – putting up and decorating our Christmas tree as a family. We always put up our tree on the 1st of December, this is the signal for Holly The Elf to make her appearance. I know you are going to be excited, but remember that the idea behind the elf is to move him/her to a different position every night. The reason for this is so that it looks like they were moving around the house at night and leaving to report back to Santa. If you start this too early, you are going to get a little sick of Elf by the time Christmas comes around, so wait until you put up your tree. Now, if youโ€™re a Christmas freak and the type to put up your tree the day after Halloween, Iโ€™m guessing youโ€™ve got enough Christmas spirit to see you through.

2.ย Relax a bit…

It is super fun to come up with little scenarios and things that your Elf gets up to during the night, but don’t start it off with a bang. Come up with one a week – spread it out. If you get your self to get up to all sorts of wild antics in the first few days. Now, the kids expect a very mischievous andย  – you .raise the kids’ expectations. Unless you can commit to daily mischievious fun… rather just relax a bit…

3. The Magic Door…

We had a little red elf door that we placed against a wall, but it was very plain and the kids were not entirely convinced that it was magical enough to let Holly travel between the North Pole and Cape Town. This year, we opted for something a bit more believable… and it is GORGEOUS! It is special because it actually lights up. You can shop for it online here – it retails for R439,98, but if you use my discount code “CAF03” you get 15% off!

Elf For Christmas Light Up Elf Door

4.ย It’s The Final Countdown…

Instead of a traditional advent calendar, you can use your Elf to bring little treats along with letters back from the North Pole. This is a great way to count down the days to Christmas. I love this idea because Santa can provide feedback on the kids’ behavior / what they need to work on. They can also get letters from the toy shop elves to help build a little story around the North Pole. Just to go the extra mile – I place the letters in the freezer so they are ice cold! Elf For Christmas have these numberered advent letter sets available online for R259,98 (you can use my discount code here too!)

Elf For Christmas - Advent Letter Sets

7. Better Set An Alarm…

Do it. Do it now.

Set up a daily reminder on your phone, because if you forget… you will ruin your children’s lives. Maybe not. but you might.

8. Inspiration Station
If you need some help looking for eld-related activities or keeping the kids in the Christmas spirit over December – visit Elf For Christmas’s website. They have some great activities, ideas, etc. to keep you inspired.

9. Rules Are Meant To Be Broken
Make Elf For Christmas your own. Perhaps your Elf pops up in different spots throughout the day. Maybe your Elf is allowed to be touched (ours is – traditionally kids are not allowed to touch the elf or it would lose its magic). Maybe your Elf only shows up when theyโ€™ve been good.

Elf for Christmas is just another bit of magic to add to this season, and to celebrate the unconditional belief in the impossible that is unique to children. Do what works for you!

You can get 15% off on any Elf For Christmas products on their online store if you use my discount code “CAF03” between now and 10 November.

Elf For Christmas - Caffeine and Fairydust

6 thoughts on “How To Make Christmas Magical With Elf For Christmas

  1. Jodie says:

    I’ve considered doing this for the last couple of years but just think it’s SO MUCH EFFORT!!!!! But now you’ve got me thinking…maybe just doing it for a few days?

    • Maz says:

      It’s not that bad! You don’t have to take the silly photo’s etc – just move him/her around every now and then. Totally worth the good behaviour and look on the kids faces ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Randi | Confessions of Parenting says:

    I don’t have an elf on the shelf yet and have battled between getting on or not every single year for years because it always looks like so much effort. But I do agree, that there is something magical about it and really does add to the excitement of the season. BTW that door is simply adorable!

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