Instant Pot™ Recipe: Apple Pie Oats

This is a Wintery recipe for the middle of Summer, but the pregnancy cravings have spoken. I have been loving having a hearty bowl of oats in the morning as it keeps me fuller for longer. It also helps quite a bit with my anemic symptoms. The Instant Pot™ makes that super easy to prepare so it isn’t as time-consuming as you might think..Oatmeal is rich in thiamin, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, selenium, and iron – all important when growing a little human, as well as for little growing humans!

Unfortunately, it might be a tad difficult to convince those little growing humans that oatmeal is much better than the sugary cereal alternatives – but there are ways to make it absolutely delicious. One of those ways is to give it the basic notes of a delicious, aromatic apple pie. This can be made the slow way (in a pot on the stove) or in a regular pressure cooker. The easiest way is to make it using the Instant Pot™, it has honestly changed my life and has eased the frustration of cooking with limited time.

With the Instant Pot™, I am able to put all the below ingredients in the pot the night before. Using the delayed function, I can set a timer so it starts cooking just in time to finish up when our alarms go off in the morning. Isn’t that just brilliant?

Anyway, enough babbling from me – I always get annoyed when I am looking for a simple recipe online and I have to scroll through half the person’s life story before actually getting to it! So, here you go:


Instant Pot Apple Pie Oats

• 4 cups water

• 1 cup almond milk (can also use cow’s milk for a dairy option, or substitute with soy/rice milk)

• 2 cups steel-cut oats

• 2 apples, peeled and cut into chunks

• 1/2 teaspoon salt

• 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg

• 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

• 2 tablespoons raw honey (for a Vegan alternative, use brown sugar, coconut sugar or maple syrup)

Mixed nuts, cinnamon and freshly sliced apple for garnish


Step 1

Place the water, milk & oats in the instant pot. Mix in the chunks of apple (it is very important to peel them before!), salt, nutmeg, cinnamon, and honey.


Step 2

Cover the pot with the lid and make sure you turn the vent to sealing. Select pressure cook and set the timer for 3 mins on high pressure – it will start automatically.

If you would like to prepare this the night before and have it ready when you wake up, select delayed start and choose the number of hours.

It is important to allow the full amount of time for the pot to depressurize (allow +/- 20 mins for this).

Instant Pot - Apple Pie OatsInstant Pot Apple Pie Oats

Step 3

Serve with crushed mixed nuts, a dash of cinnamon and top with some freshly sliced apples.

Serves 4

Instant Pot™ Recipe: Applie Pie Oats

Instant Pot™ Recipe: Applie Pie Oats

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