My 10 Favourite Movies Of All Time

This is one of those posts that I always feel that no-one would care to read, but I have been thinking about how much movies I used to watch before I became a parent… and I really miss it. There are a few movies that I am dying to watch again, and they are by far my favourite movies of all time…

I would love to hear what your favourites are so I can add them to my list! I have decided to put a conscious effort into doing things that bring me more joy in life.

So this is my list, it is random and has no particular theme… but I love every single movie and would watch it 100 times over in a heartbeat! I did not add Star Wars, because it should be obvious to you by now that we are obsessed… and Star Wars is a lifestyle.

1. Practical Magic

This is at the very top of my list… I watched it as a young girl, when I still believed that there was a possibility that I could be a real witch. Spoiler alert, I’m not. It features Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman who play two witch sisters, raised by their eccentric aunts in a small town, face closed-minded prejudice and a curse which threatens to prevent them ever finding lasting love.

2. Crazy, Stupid, Love

I LOVE this movie – it just has it all… it will make you feel all the feels, wrap you up in romance and make you laugh until you accidentally pee yourself. Ryan Gosling is THE BEST.

3. PS. I Love You

My heart can only handle watching this once a year… I cry so hard, every single time. We are talking full-blown SOBBING, ugly crying and clinging on to my husband as if he is about to drop dead any second. It is one of those movies you watch when you just need a good cry. Oh, it also has Gerard Butler in it and he is hot AF.

4. The Shining

I was a weird kid, I watched this when I was very young – ON REPEAT. And I still love it, it scares the crap out of me and totally creeps me out… but it is absolutely brilliant!

5. 300

I promise, I really don’t just love this movie because of the 300 gorgeous, perfect specimens of men running around half-naked. The movie truly gives me chills. It is so good – the story line, the graphics, the costumes. THIS IS SPARTA!

6. The Craft

What a rad movie… I went through a bit of a goth stage as well, can you imagine.

7. A Walk To Remember

One of those movies where you can find hope, feel love, have your soul crushed and also close your eyes and pretend that you can sing like Mandy Moore..

8. Life As A House

If you want to cry a bit, this is another excellent tearjerker. I have not been able to find this anywhere, I want to watch it again so badly. Such a beautiful movie.

9. Gladiator

Do I really need to explain myself?

10. Forgetting Sarah Marshal

Funniest movie EVER. Also, 80% of the reason is because Jason Mamoa is the bartender on the beach.

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9 thoughts on “My 10 Favourite Movies Of All Time

  1. Simone Cameron says:

    We don’t have one movie in common….so safe to say we’ll never go on a movie date! lol. I don’t think I’ve ever watched The Shining…. I feel like I shouldn’t admit that in public.

    I still enjoyed reading your list though! The world would be so boring if we all had the same taste 😉

  2. MrsFF says:

    I love seeing what others like to watch. We definitely have different movie tastes… I like light and “airy” that said my top movies are : Schindler’s list which is far from my usual but which I love because it made me understand the holocaust . I don’t plan to ever watch it again though. The God father trilogy (also wouldn’t watch again because it is too loooooong). The ones I can watch over and over again: the Holiday, The best man, Coming to America, love actually, diary of a mad black wonan, Soul Food

    Ps: I’ve never watched Star Wars (inserts hands covering eyes emoji) 😆

    • Maz says:

      Haha, I am pretty sure you are the first person in the world to use the words light and “airy” and Schindler’s list in the same sentence, ever! lol

      You need to watch Star Wars, all of it.

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