My Acrylic Planner from Ma Petite (+ Discount )

This year has brought so many changes into my life, it has been hard to keep up. Juggling being a mom, planning the schedules of a household of five and running two companies is tough. It is a little tougher when you just popped a baby out and the brain fog has not quite lifted…

When I started forgetting doctor appointments and birthdays, I knew I needed a little extra help. I reached out on Instagram for advice, and an impressive number of people recommended that I get a personalised acrylic planner from Ma Petite. Pauline, the owner, was kind enough to send me an A2 Acrylic planner to review. I was able to customise it however I wanted, and so can you – at no extra cost!

I chose a floral skull design, which I love – but I realise that it might be a bit hardcore for some – so have a look at some of their other planner designs below. The acrylic works with any home decor, but it functions the same way as a whiteboard. I do suggest you use the parrot chalkboard/glass markers – they show up the best.

Having a large board in our home in a central location for our family to see has been a huge help. It is easier to plan out our month in advance, and it helps us know exactly what is expected of who.

Should you want to order your own acrylic planner, you can use the code “SAVE20” to get a 20% discount until the 5th of June.

Thank you to Ma Petite for letting me try this amazing planner out, I absolutely LOVE it. Every parent needs one.


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2 thoughts on “My Acrylic Planner from Ma Petite (+ Discount )

  1. Chereen says:

    Adore these acrylic planners – think it’s about time I got my life a little more organised, so going to check out Ma Peitite’s goodies now. LOVE your floral skull design!

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