Caffeine and Fairydust – I am working on some amazing merch, I cannot wait to tell you more.

Cole is still lucky to be married to me.ย Heโ€™s doing well and is still in the trenches of starting up his own company. Maybe next year this time we will be millionaires. Probably not.

Iโ€™m always tired, Knox keeps waking up in the middle of the night and crawling into bed with is… Nova ends up in bed with us too, it is just too cold to breastfeed him any other way. We really need a King sized bed so badly. In other news, my milk supply is back in full force and I am finding breastfeeding much easier.

Knox is still crazy. And gorgeous. And gives amazing hugs.

Mikayla is growing up so fast that I had a glimpse of her rapidly approaching teenage years the other day… she is so amazing. She truly deserves a better mom than me.

Nova is proper laughing and smiling now. Still sleeping very well, and just too cute for words. He is finally enjoying his baths, and is awake for longer periods of time. He is finding the world around him so interesting.

Thank you for following along and for doing life with us. Have the BEST week ever! And remember to sign up for our newsletter below to keep receiving these.


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