Nova is doing so much better, he even decided to finally give us his very first proper smile a day before he turned two months old! He started with cooing sounds today and my heart cannot deal!

Knox is still crazy as ever. He has discovered a new love for puzzles, so I am trying to figure out how to store puzzles better so pieces don’t go missing / get mixed up. HELP

Mikayla is learning about different landforms and different parts of flowers… I got to sit in during a show nd tell and my mind is BLOWN. Montessori is honestly the best thing I ever did for my kids. She has also discovered the library, we head there every two weeks so she can choose her 7 books. Tomorrow just so happens to be d-day… would you like me to show you what she chooses? Should we get her to write a short review of each book?

Cole is in the infancy stages of starting his own company following his retrenchment. Stress levels are sky high, but we are choosing to look at the positive. So many amazing things have fallen into place… this is meant to be.

Me? Well, I am still trying to figure out how to be a half-decent mom to three kids and run my business. I’m just excited to start writing on here again. I have really missed it. I am up to my neck in reviews that need to get done, so I better start!

As always, I am so glad that y’all are here doing life with us. You all truly make me feel less alone, and like my crazy is okay. It means more to me than you will ever know! Wishing all of you a GREAT weekend!