(Recipe) Citrus Infused Honey & Mustard Roast Chicken

This is one of my absolute favorite recipes. I made it again for Christmas lunch and thought I had to share the recipe with you. I did something a little differently this time… I made it in a microwave. Not just any microwave, the LG NeoChef™ with Smart Inverter Technology.

You can read the full review here, it is one hell of a machine. It cut my cooking time down from 1h and 30mins to only 40mins! Here is the full recipe, it is an absolute winner.


1 large chicken

salt & pepper

1 lemon – halved

4 cloves garlic

2 Tbsp Smooth Dijon Mustard

4 Tbsp Wholegrain Mustard

3 Tbsp Honey

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Large Orange

1 Fresh Rosemary Twig


(serves 6-8)


Method (for a conventional oven):


Preheat oven to 200°C.

Remove the gross stuff from the chicken cavity, if there is any.

Place the chicken in an oven proof glass dish along with the orange slices.

Season the cavity with salt and pepper. Place the half lemon inside as well as the garlic cloves and fresh rosemary.

Cover with foil and roast for 1 hour. Remove foil.

Stir the honey, mustard and oil together & smear onto the chicken.

Roast for another 30mins until chicken is tender and cooked.


Make it easier with the LG NeoChef™. All you need to do is place the chicken in a ovenproof glass dish along with your thinly sliced orange slices, smear melted butter over it and insert it into the microwave. You select the Inverter Cook option and turn the dial as per the roast menu instructions, which is 1-3. You press start and turn the dial to select the weight of the chicken. Press start.


About half way through, the microwave will sing a little tune, you then turn the chicken over and smear your honey and mustard mixture over it. Press start again and let it finish roasting. Using the LG NeoChef™ cuts roasting/cooking time down to 40 minutes!

Read the full review here.

To find out more about the LG NeoChef, simply go to www.lg.com/za



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