Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz {Part 2}

Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz {Part 2}

If you enjoyed the first installment of Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz, carry on reading… I just love this kid’s mind! Never a dull moment.  

Showing me her latest art masterpiece – “Mom, I drew you as a ghost. Don’t worry, you didn’t die in real life, only in dead life.” Good to know…

http://www.designstack.co/2014/09/ghosts-in-animated-gifs.html http://www.designstack.co/2014/09/ghosts-in-animated-gifs.html

Standing in the kitchen – Me: ” Mikayla, why are you so crazy?” Mikayla: “I don’t know… maybe I ate a crazy nut and it grew in my brain?” Definitely.At Nanna’s house, getting ready to go home – Mikayla: “I don’t want to go home! I hate my house!” Nanna: “Why do you hate your house?” Mikayla: “Because my cats are too fat.” So much for teaching body positivity…

Knox is crying – Mikayla: “Knox! Stop crying, you’re not going to die!” What is with this kid and death??Sitting at her desk drawing  Mikayla: “Mom, did you know Mercury has no atmosphere?” *Checking google…*Sitting in movie theater waiting for the movie to start – randomly looks at me, pulls down her top and saiz “Look at my chest hair.”   Looking at Knox – Mikayla: “He’s so cute I even want to punch myself! *Said while squeezing her own face in both hands* … yeah don’t do that.We went to a restaurant and had to use a public restroom, while  sitting on the loo having a wee – she grabs the cheap toilet paper, rubs it on her bare chest and saiz “Ooooh, I like the scratchy ones!! Mom, you must buy the scratchy ones!” That ain’t happening, 2-ply for life yo!While eating the Hello Kitty cake she baked she fistpumps the air and shoutsTo freedom!

To Cole, who had just shaved his beard – “Dad, you look creepy.”  

Shopping at Pick ‘n Pay – makes a farting noise with her mouth and shouts: “MOM! Was that you? Its not very ladylike to fart in public!”


Me: “Mikayla, how did your face get so beautiful?” Mikayla: “It just started that way.”  

Me: “Mikayla, if you don’t stop running around right now I am going to hang you from the roof!” Mikayla: “Oh Mom, that’s not as easy as you think!”  

“Dad is not a girl because he doesn’t have any hair.”

  Cole: “Mikayla! Why is the cat green??” Mikayla: “HAHAHAHA! Makeover!”  

Mikayla: “I did my make-up just like you, Mom!” Nailed it!

Funny Things My Toddler Saiz

16 thoughts on “Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz {Part 2}

  1. Esther Tidi says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha >>>>>

    Cole: “Mikayla! Why is the cat green??” Mikayla: “HAHAHAHA! Makeover!”

    <<<<<<<<<<<<< Killed me right there!

  2. Jozi Wahm says:

    She is so cute!!!

    I think four is when they have the most amusing things to say! They finally have big enough vocabularies to express themselves well but still have those precious baby thoughts, coupled with brutal honesty. I have done a few posts headed ‘Noodle says’ at http://www.joziwahm.blogspot.com , all dedicated to stuff my four year old says. She has also started with the death stuff now, that part is actually a bit creepy, but I guess that is how they make sense of things.

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