Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz {Part 3}

Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz {Part 3}

Here is the 3rd  installment of all the crazy things my 4-year old kid saiz… (you can read the first one here and the second one here)

Mikayla to her dad, while running in circles in the kitchen: “Dad, can you please buy me all the bread, then put it in my room so that I can swim in it and eat it when I sleep?”  

On one of the worst mornings of my life – me: “Mikayla, why did you cut your hair?”

Mikayla: “Because my brother keeps pulling it.”

Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz {version 3}

Mikayla to herself in the bath in a low voice: “chase the robbers!!! high voice: But I am only a baby!” Me: Mikayla what are you playing? Mikayla: “Police babies”.  

Mikayla on Knox’s bizarre love for eating paper:  “Knox always eats paper for supper… Haha! He makes paper pie! That is a silly pie to make.”  

Randomly in the car: “Mom, tomorrow when I am a teenager I am going to decorate a crocodile with diamonds.”  

After we went to Fysh’s birthday party at Newlands Forest, Mikayla decides that she needs to poo. We go to the public restroom at the top of the trail and it was super stinky! Anyway, Mikayla goes in to the bathroom and sits on the loo and has a wee – “Oh, I don’t need a poo anymore! I’m going to keep it for tomorrow! My bum doesn’t work in stinky places.”

Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz {version 3}

After giving Mikayla her antihistamine she starts coughing so her aunt asks her what the medicine is for and why it made her cough, Mikayla responds “It is medicine you take when you want to die…. it is that gross.”  

Waiting in a que with her aunt and she starts getting restless,  so her aunt tells her she has to have patience… so she responds: “don’t be silly, patients are in a hospital.”

Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz {version 3}

Planning her 5th birthday party: “Mom! I want a scary Hallooooweeeeeeen party, in a spooky castle with spooky things, and you can dress up like Clawdeen Wolf and I will be Frankie Stein, and Jessica can be Draculaura, Knox can be a scary Spider and daddy can be a sparkly unicorn!”  

At Tiger’s Milk for lunch, Mikayla takes a sip of her milkshake and grabs her throat – “Mom! I have a brain freeze in my throat – it could not find my brain!”

Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz {version 3}

Sitting on her bed with Knox, she puts her arms around him and saiz: “Knox, I can’t wait until you can walk – I am going to teach you ballet, and how to twirl, and dress you up, and love you, and kiss you, and show you all the pretty things and we will be ballet partners. And now we are going to watch ALL the Barbie movies!”

Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz {version 3}

What is the funniest thing your toddler said this week?

17 thoughts on “Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz {Part 3}

  1. Chastin Dreyer says:

    2 weeks ago my middle son who is 5 told me I laid them as eggs and then proceeded to take my head in his hands and go “I love you my chicken”, he also told my mother “nana you are old I think you must be thirty” kids are such monkeys

  2. ella says:

    Knox’s face in that last picture CLASSIC!!!!!
    so funny…
    – funniest thing Aidan said this week was when his dad was annoyed that he misplaced his phone, he then saw a toy spider and said, “spider you look cross, did you also lose your phone” hehehe

  3. Debs says:

    When called to the bathroom for his bath (busy playing with his helicopters) he shouts: “No i cant, I am busy, I am working hard”.

  4. JessV says:

    Oh gosh I love these. She is the funniest thing!! Love the paper pie. And daddy the sparkly unicorn. and the police babies. She’s hilarious! I’m so glad you’re documenting these things, what fun to read them with her one day!

    My almost-5-year-old said this week, “the poor dustbin men, they must be so tired, emptying all the dustbins on this whole earth” 😉


  5. Liza says:

    Hehe – On one of the worst mornings of my life – me: “Mikayla, why did you cut your hair?” Mikayla: “Because my brother keeps pulling it.”

    Very Intelligent indeed….

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