Want Free Airtime? Of Course You Do… Here Is How You Can Get It With mCent

We all know that the costs of data in South Africa is ridiculous. Compared to other countries, South Africa is one of the most expensive countries in the world as far as data is concerned…

mCent, a free mobile app for Android, has made accessibility to affordable data possible by rewarding users with points for browsing the internet. These points can be redeemed for airtime/data to browse more freely and without worrying about the impending costs. You are already watching videos, browsing through social media, uploading images, reading the news and doing research online – why not get rewarded for it? You literally have nothing to lose.

I have been making use of the app for a little over a week now, and I cannot believe how easy it is to use and how easy it is to accumulate points. I get about 2000 points per day for checking my social channels and just reading up on the latest news. You get amazing loyalty points as well, and they keep you up to date with everything that is trending so you never have to feel like you missed out.

How it works:

Step 1: Download the app using my code (by using my code you will get 9000 points to get started with)ย https://browser.mcent.com/p/CAFAIR5Rย 

After installing and launching the app, you will be prompted to register by either entering your phone number or clicking on the Facebook login option. mCent browser will then confirm your mobile data account to allow you to purchase top up by converting your points.

Step 2: The home screen is extremely easy to use. From there you can read the latest and trending news articles, search the web through the search bar or click on your favorite sites like Facebook from the quicklinks provided in the quick link section.

Step 3: mCent browser tracks and awards points for virtually everything you do from the app. Wether you are reading the news, watching a DIY tutorial on Youtube or uploading photo’s of your baby to Facebook – you will accumulate points as you go along. I accumulated 2000 points in one day! At any point after you have accumulated 1000 points, you can click “add to account” and watch your balance grow. You can also earn additional points by referring friends, engaging with brand sponsorship or simply for loyalty – thanks to the loyalty bonuses available daily.

Step 4: Visit your account anytime to buy airtime bundles. It is super fast and really easy to use.

(psssst…. mCent is having a little giveaway where you can win 5Gigs of data, all you have to do is register on their Facebook page by clicking here)

What are you waiting for?


Here is what some of my fellow parenting bloggers had to say about the app:


“I am absolutely loving mCent! I am online a lot so the idea that I can get rewarded for that is awesome. I like that the home page has articles, apps and trending searches. It makes keeping up to date super easy.” – Laura, Harrassed Mom


“The app is definitely going to bring a revolution to the way we spend money on data, just from the week that I’ve been using it I’ve managed to stock up points to the value of R20. Now that I understand it better, I can use it better. It does take a bit of getting used to, but once you have set it to automatically open all your browsing via mCent, you literally just have to do your usual thing! I’ve also managed to pull in the husband, mom and sister – listen, if my mom is able to use it and make some money for airtime. Anyone can!! :)” – Vee, In The Meantime


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