I’m finally starting to get back into my working groove – but I feel like I am being torn between giving all three kids attention and giving the blog and my business attention. Being a mom boss is hard, I cannot believe I used to wonder what moms who stay at home with their kids do all day! It feels like more than one full-time job.

Nova is going through a growth spurt at the moment and cluster feeding like a mofo. Mikayla has her nose stuck in a book most of the day and growing up so quick! Knox has us all in hysterics, he is such a clown … BUT he is also testing me so much. Tantrums, lashing out, being downright naughty. He made a new friend at school, who quite frankly, is a little shit. It seems to be rubbing off on him. Moms, please don’t let your kids be assholes? Anyway, we are working on it.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!

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