WIN! A PJ Masks Toy Hamper Worth R2000 (CLOSED)


I scored major brownie points with my kids this past week when Just Fun Kidz sent us the new PJ Masks toys to review. Both my kids are huge fans of the show, and to be honest – so am I.


“Who goes into the night
So they can save the day?
Who are these heroes
To show you the way?”


You’re welcome. I bet you can’t read it without singing along…


While I typically cannot stand most of the new kids programs (they leave me with so many questions, like how is Peppa Pig’s roof leaking on the 1st floor of a double story building when it rains??), I fully support my kids’ PJ Mask obsession. It’s not often that both of my kids can find something that truly captivates them both and encourages imaginative play when they are away from the screen. But here it is in full super hero glory – and these toys have just made that so much better. What I really love about the show is the pure innocence of it all. The characters are not over-sexualized, there are no inappropriate jokes, the villains are not too scary and there is a strong female character which is always a bonus in my book.



The toys carry that theme and I love the great quality of them, the manufacturer has paid so much attention to detail. They are absolutely adorable and I love watching my kids use their imaginations while playing with them. These toys have been played with to death, fought over and chewed by the dog – yet they still have not broken! And the battery in that Deluxe Gekko Mobile just lasts… and lasts… and lasts…



The kids’ favorite game is to have our beloved Bam held hostage by the villains – Romeo, Night Ninja and Luna Girl. The heroes are there within seconds to save him… not that he is particularly bothered. He is just loving all the attention…



The Delux gekko mobile is pretty awesome – it plays phrases from Knox’s favorite hero and the headlights light up as you roll into the night to save the day. When you roll the car the Gekko tail wiggles and it is just too cute! It can accommodate all three the hero figures, so they can all play along.




We also received the Owlette Flyer Vehicle which also comes with the Owlette figurine, and the Cat Boy Cat Car that comes with the Catboy figure – I find that these are particularly great value for money. They might not light up and play phrases, but the quality is amazing and you still get the figurines that come with them! Then there are the figurine packs where our favorite heroes come with the villains – Cat Boy / Romeo, Gekko / Night Ninja and Owlette / Luna Girl.


“’Cuz bedtime
Is the right time
To fight crime!”


To introduce this campaign, I teamed up with Sam from Sam’s Communique and Sharon from The Blessed Bareness to do my first ever Facebook live video, it was so much fun – have a look! You can also triple your chances of winning by going to their blogs and entering there too! Just remember, if you win the hamper on one of their blogs – you are not eligible to win it on mine as well and vice versa.


What did you think of our live video?


WIN!!! (Competition Closed)


You can win a PJ Masks hamper to the value of R2000! All you have to do is follow these easy steps:


  1. Follow Caffeine and Fairydust on Facebook
  2. Share this post / competition on social media (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter), tagging a minimum of two friends who would love to win this prize – please use the hashtag #PJMasksandFairydust so that I can track your entry.
  3. Comment on this blog post and tell us who your child’s favorite character is!


Additional entries:

4. Follow Caffeine and Fairydust on Twitter

5. Tweet a message along the lines of:

“I want to win a PJ Masks hamper worth R2000 with @CaffeineandF & @Just_Fun_Kidz ! Enter here -> goo.gl/vx42YA #PJMasksandFairydust  “

6. Post a picture of your child’s favorite character on Instagram and tag @caffeineandfairydust #PJMasksandFairydust


Competition closes on 16 June 2017


Competition is for SA residents only

Competition T’s & C’s Apply

98 thoughts on “WIN! A PJ Masks Toy Hamper Worth R2000 (CLOSED)

  1. Magda van Heerden says:

    My little one’s fav is deffinately Catboy!

    ….”night time, tis the right time, to fight crime…”


  2. Lynnith Andreou says:

    My boys are always saying. I am gecko and u am catboy! My favourite character however are the ninjalinos, they are adorable and easily swayed, i love all the super villain sidekicks, like the moths too!

  3. Claudia says:

    Enjoyed watching your live video. The three of you were awesome. Well done.

    My son loves Gekko!! He runs around the house “Super Gekko Muscles!!!”

  4. Fathima says:

    My daughter loves owlette & my son love gekko his turning 3 in July 3rd so would be an awesome surprise for him

  5. Charlene says:

    My son absolutely loves catboy!!! he is 6 years old, and his name is cameron. the sacrifices i make to make sure he watches his pj masks every single day! heheheh sometimes he leaves the room and I still watch!

  6. Lizene Jooste says:

    Everything before he starts running, he punches his little fist in the air and shouts with his lisp ‘thuper cat thpeeeeeed!’ So I’d definitely say his favourite is Catboy

  7. JP Botha says:

    MOst definitely CATBOY.. my son’s name is connor, he is 5.. and he announces himself as.. connor becomes.. catboy 🙂

  8. Anita Dingwayo says:


  9. Shaaista Mahomed says:

    Love the live video! Her favorite character is owlette! She plays PJ masks with her two cousins and they both boys so she tells them that she has to be owlette ! they are so cute!

  10. Yashmitha Padayachee says:

    My kids love them all, and “adopt” their little super hero traits depending on the task at hand. If they need to find something they use “Owl eyes” if they have to fetch something real quick, “Super Cat speed”, and if they need to carry that oh so heavy …sock… you guessed it Super gecko muscles!!!

  11. Juanne says:

    My daughter (age 9) obviously loves owlette <3
    My son (age 4) is crazy about gecko <3


  12. Laurelle da Costa says:

    My 4 year old keeps asking if we can have another baby so there will be 3 kids to play PJ Masks!

  13. Ryan Strohmenger says:

    We have twin boys of three years old.
    the one is catboy and the other always gekko with his “super gekko muscles”

  14. Letitia Labuschagne says:

    Ive got a 5 year old son who LOVES Gekko and a 3 year old girl who is Owlettes biggest fan!!!

  15. Ilse says:

    My son loves all the characters. .but I think catboy would be his ultimate. While watching the show last night,he says “mommy I’m going to save the day like catboy”.. please can you buy me a cat mobile ?

  16. Cheryl says:

    Hi guys

    This is really cool! My kids like gheko and catboy. Although my 1 year old cant play along yet he loves the song and tries to sing along.

  17. Natasha Muller says:

    My son’s favourite is Gekko. This seems to change daily though, so I’d safely then assume he loves them all! Huge PJ Masks fans here in this house, including me!

  18. Michelle says:

    My little boy and girl would love to win this prize….this is their fav cartoon characters, no:1 fans….oh yes and i was singing and not reading the song…Lol

  19. Laura Kirsten says:

    My fav is Owlette – according to our 4 year old he is Carboy, dad is Gheko and mom is Owlette. He would be thrilled beyond if he could win #PJMasksandFairydust

  20. Laura Kirsten says:

    My fav is Owlette – according to our 4 year old he is Catboy, dad is Gheko and mom is Owlette. He would be thrilled beyond if he could win #PJMasksandFairydust

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